Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 26
English Translation by Igor Radev

St Sergius Church at Yimianpo Station

Church at Yimianpo Sta.

One of the oldest parishes on the Eastern Line of the Chinese Eastern Railway is the parish of St Sergius Church at Yimianpo.

The church has been built in 1901, and was consecrated in honor of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, being thus the first church established on the entire Eastern Line.

The Parish Council is renowned by its vigorous charitable efforts, and this work is continued to our days by the church trusteeship.

Church rector
Archpriest S. Novosilcev

The trusteeship supports with its own funds many charitable establishments, provides assistance to the poor, takes care of the adornment of the church building, every summer runs a children's playground and puts much effort into the education of the students attending the nearby Russian high school.

The rector of the church and the parish is the energetic and popular archpriest Fr Symeon Novosilcev.