Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 16
English Translation by Igor Radev

Saint Nicholas Church in Zaton near Harbin

The parish in Zaton [Jiangbei] was established on January 28, 1923, under the initiative of Archpriest M. Rogozin. Until that time Zaton was a base for sectarianism and atheism. After the preparatory missionary work, Fr. Rogozin convinced the locals to start the building of the church.

At first, a makeshift church was consecrated at the Railway School. However, when the Railway facilities started to be used by the Soviet administration, the church was moved to leased premises for about a year. In 1925, helped by a loan, Fr. Rogozin bought two houses of 75 square yards, where the temporary church was transferred. In one of the houses a school was open, which encompassed both an elementary and a high school, where Fr. Rogozin served as a headmaster assisted by five other teachers. In 1924, the construction of a new stone church was started, which was finally solemnly consecrated in 1928. The church is situated in the center of the township on a site allocated by the Chinese authorities (with a surface of 1500 square yards).

This year the school witnessed the sixth graduation of students from the primary school and the forth graduation of students from the upper primary school. The number of pupils in both schools is around 150. In 1925, a library was opened in the school, containing up to 2,000 books of different kinds. With the efforts of Fr. Rogozin, a free of charge ambulant clinic was opened, operated by Doctor N. I. Churilin (and this endeavor due to his energy is evermore growing). The school also has a children's playground.

With the efforts of Fr. M. Rogozin, a beautiful brick church was constructed and a plot of land with surface of 1500 square yards was acquired. Two completed houses of 75 square yards were purchased in the vicinity of the church and also an annex to the building was constructed for the church singer and the watchman.

Last year, Archpriest M. Rogozin due to his failing health was transferred from Zaton to service in Majiagou. Archpriest A. Lukin was appointed his successor.