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The Conclusion

During the given research the overall aim of work has been reached and the first full enough description of a life Albazinian in China from the moment of their arrival there in XVII century about one today is made.

In degree work the brief review of historical events which have led to that Albazinian have appeared in China is resulted. The reasons of that Russian have suggested to pass in manchurian citizenship, could be the following: on the one hand, inviting to service of Russian voennoplennyh the Chinese emperor could reduce quantity of opponents which, otherwise, could return back in Albazin, thus there was a probability, that the further to an example of this group of cossacks could follow and others, having liquidated, thus, necessity of military actions in the north. On the other hand, for manchurian authority was usual to involve on military service not hantsev, and the same Mongols and so on.

The Reason explaining why the part of defenders Albazina has agreed pass to service to emperor of China can to be such quality as passionarnost, peculiar zemleprohodtsam. At the same time it is not deprived logic and idea of Century of Item of Petrov which considers, that all has developed thus because many of cossacks had problems with Russian laws and authorities and of returning because of possible punishment were afraid.

In work process of acculturation Albazinian is analyzed. In XVII-XIX centuries Russian immigrants inevitably were exposed, to influence on them manchurian and hanskoj cultures. Service in znamennyh armies and new relatives manchurians have soon led to change of a way of life of Russian immigrants. On the other hand gradually and manchurians influencing Chinese (hanskoj) cultures.

If to use the system of four types of acculturation offered by John Berri in which each type depends on relative importance of initial culture and culture with which come into contact, acculturation Albazinian, undoubtedly, it is possible to carry to the first type at which " the contact culture ", as a result, in a greater degree influences the people, exposed to process of acculturation.

The Reasons because of which Albazinian acculturations have undergone only, but not were completely are assimilated it is possible to allocate a little, namely:

  1. Interaction and work of Russian Orthodox church with albazintsami.

  2. Compactness of residing Albazinian, and also their constant contacts to Russian.

  3. Some features of traditional Chinese culture, such as a cult of ancestors and value of related communications.

It is necessary to tell, that only owing to albazintsam in China Russian Orthodox mission has been based.

Russian priests during all period constantly contacted with albazintsami, but also Orthodoxy at Albazinian has influenced the Chinese culture. Here it is a question, first of all, of influence on Orthodoxy of the Chinese folk beliefs which, in turn, have absorbed in itself ideas and representations daosizma, the Buddhism, konfutsianstva.

Knowing, that one of the main characteristics of traditional Chinese culture are an openness, to enter synthesis with the new phenomena, it is possible to understand tolerance and ability: that priests named idolatry, superstitions and jazychestvom Albazinian is that other, as aspiration of the Chinese culture to synthesis typical for it old with new. For the Chinese worship various deities and thus belief in the Christ at all do not stir each other.

And it has proved to be true that during revolt ihetuanej many Albazinian have accepted martyr death, but have not refused the belief. A consequence of the given historical event became also sharp reduction of number of their community.

In the beginning of the twentieth century Albazinian as before continued to cooperate with Spiritual Mission in China as suddenly in Russia there was a revolution. It in many respects has changed a situation and, eventually, has led to creation of independent Chinese Orthodox Church which have headed Albazinian. Two Albazinian have been erected in a dignity of bishop - Feodor Du, known also as Simeon Shanghai, and then Vasily (SHuan). Transition to an autonomy was tightened that in the beginning the chief of Mission considered that at a complex financial position haste can do much harm, from for conflict Simeona with Ekzarhatom and Patriarchy. The independent Chinese Orthodox church has been created only in 1956.

In the end of 50th the cultural revolution and a church life almost already came nearer has completely stood. In 1962 bishop Beijing Vasily, and in 1965 - bishop Simeon Shanghai has died.

Hunvejbiny have destroyed many temples, and the clergy has strongly suffered from them.

Thus, because of political events, the Chinese Orthodox Church has appeared forbidden. But, despite of political reprisals and absence of the churches, many Albazinian kept orthodox belief.

During isolation of China from Russia Albazinian there was a danger, that Albazinian assimilate. One of the possible reasons of that it has not occured, could, in any measure, promote special attitudes between the USSR and the Peoples Republic of China during after 1949 and up to the end of 50-s' and huge influence of Russian culture on China.

Now Albazinian and physically look as Chineses, and live under their laws. But, communicating with descendants of Russian immigrants, it is possible to feel, that their Russian roots till now have an effect. Some of Albazinian even consider themselves as Russian so, that come back to the historical native land. Undoubtedly is of interest, whether they will keep further Russian culture and as long.

In the twentieth century for some time all as though have forgotten about albazintsah. But time for the new period of dialogue and interaction with them has now come. Now there are all objective preconditions for restoration of Orthodoxy in China, and, apparently, in the further Albazinian will continue to carry out the historical mission, maybe, someone from them even will head the Chinese Orthodox Church.

From the point of view of development of cooperation in business between Russia and China, Albazinian too represent some interest, even despite of the small number. They are especially interested in cooperation with the Russian partners. Russian too to cooperate with albazintsami as all the same it is easier to find mutual understanding with people at whom Russian influence is traced is easier.