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5.3. Dubinin's family Simona (Du Si 杜锡)

During dialogue with Albazinian the author of degree work has learned histories of their two families. These histories give fuller representation about the one who such Albazinian, therefore are resulted in the given work.

Du Si - the native of family of hereditary priests. Its great-grandfather, Alexey Dubinin, was regent in Beiguan. Grandfather Vasily was the priest (protoireem), veins in Pekin.

Their family too has suffered during revolt Yihetuan, sisters of father Simona, Ivan Du have been killed. Ihejuani named albazintsev armaotszy (二帽子), including their traitors and helpers of foreigners. Ivan was then in Qingdao, in Shanghai, Yihetuan there was not. In 191* year Ivan with the family has moved to Tianjin and served in a temple as the priest.

Simon Dubinin was born in Shanghai, then veins in Pekin (in Beiguan), in Tianjin.

Rich Russian merchant Batuev has presented Ivan Dubinin the spacious house in the street TSzjanshelu (建设路), near to a temple (the temple has been destroyed during a cultural revolution, their house too was not kept about one today). During a cultural revolution hujvejbiny plundered their house, but killed nobody. Pan Tjantszjan (militarian) has rescueed a life of its father, it has taken on preservation of the book and crosses, and in a consequence has returned them. At this time from the spacious house they have been moved in a three-room apartment in usual area of city. There their family also lives till now.

Son Simona, Paul Du, was first of family of priests who has returned to Russia. It considers itself(himself) as Russian and, on it, per 1998 has returned on the historical native land. It has accepted the Russian citizenship, has restored a surname and married the Russian girl. In 2000 it was christened in Russia. Now it lives in Khakassia, in Abakan. Also its aunt Elena in the same place lives.

Du Si spoke Russian, it learned it still in Beiguan, and then at school. Because of events in a political life of China it could not become the priest, but it sincerely trusted in Orthodoxy.

In the Spring-summer of 2004 the author of the given degree work was very frequent on a visit at Du Si and its wives Du Vej. They have concerned to it in an especial way, always to it were glad, cooked Russian food, worried about it. They really concerned to it as to the own child. They have rendered the invaluable help and in gathering materials on a studied theme.

In January, 2005 after illness Du Si has died.