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4.5. Transition to an autonomy of Orthodox church in China

The Most holy Patriarch Alex I on January, 24th, 1950 on the official report of lord Victor has left the resolution which has defined in further a course of history of Orthodoxy in China. In it for the first time it was spoken about necessity of creation of the Chinese Orthodox Church [13.]

And on July, 27th, 1950 in Russia albazinets Feodor Du, accepted name Simeona, has been erected in a dignity of bishop. Thus, in China there was a first bishop-Chinese. In the beginning it served in Tianjin, and then it have translated to Shanghai [13.]

Work on preparation for transition from Ekzarhata to independent church demanded erection in a dignity of the Chinese priests. In the autumn of 1950 lord Victor has imposed in presvitery John Du, Michael Li, Nikita Li, Anikitu Vana, John Lo. In diakony have been imposed Falalej Mao, Pinna Du, Nikolay Chzhan and Antony SHuan [13.]

In 1951 lord Simeon spoke, that is necessary to take advantage of the state reforms and to start to form the Chinese Orthodox Church. By 1951 all the Chinese religious associations already had representatives in the Government - except for Orthodox Church [13.]

But the chief of Mission considered, that for this purpose there is no still a sufficient base, and was afraid, that haste can put serious harm. At this time the Orthodox Church in China really was in a complex financial position because of bad financing, because of departure from China believers and policy in relation to it Chinese a management which has led to closing of many church establishments and the enterprises [13.]

In 1955 has been finally solved a question on reorganization of church management in China. All real estate Ekzarhata has been transferred to the Chinese government, and Northern farmstead - Beiguan to the-Soviet Embassy. The personal estate was a subject to transfer to the property of the Chinese Orthodox Church through the appointed Chinese priests [13.]

On October, 30th in Shanghai there was a future issue of " the Church leaf " in which the lord has published received by it from Moscow instructions on reorganization of church management. Subsequently bishop Simeon has offered in " the Church leaf " the, distinct from visions of the maximum church authorities, opinion on ways of reforms of a church life in China. In Russia this act has been estimated very disapprovingly [13.]

Lord Simeon, having refused to take publicly back the opinion, asked about dismissal. These actions discredited all preosvjashchennogo Simeona in opinion of Ekzarha and the Patriarch and have made impossible its purpose for a post of the chapter of the Chinese Church. A delegation of the Patriarchy was Beijing and Ekzarh have addressed to archimandrite Vasily (SHuanu) with the request to agree on hirotoniju in a dignity of bishop. It, however, refused this dignity down to the critical situation which have developed to October, 1955. It was offered to head the Chinese Orthodox Church on what the Soviet ambassador in the Peoples Republic of China has been informed also, Item F.Yudin. On April, 24th, 1956 the Chief of the Department of cults at the State Council of Peoples Republic of China He CHensjan has given the consent to purpose of archimandrite Vasily (SHuana) bishop Beijing. It should was act temporarily also as the chapter of the Chinese Orthodox Church [13.]