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Chapter III. Albazintsy during revolt Yihetuan

Because of various displays of influence of the Chinese culture on albazintsev many orthodox priests believed, that descendants of Russian cossacks absolutely have departed from Orthodoxy and considered as their very unreliable followers of belief.

So, for example, ieromonah Gury (Carps) per 1844 wrote: " Albazintsy it is perfect okitailis <?> Most zealous of our Christians it is very unreliable, at the first refusal to it in something it will forget both christianity and a farmstead " [10.]

Similar responses about albazintsah it is possible to meet much enough. But following historical events have shown, that the similar opinion was erroneous - Orthodoxy for descendants of Russian immigrants meant much more, than it was possible to assume.

In the end of XIX century in China there was a revolt Yihetuan. In 1900 it has captured Beijing.

So-called " boxing movement " has been directed against foreigners and all foreign in general. Ideology of this revolt was antichristianity [17, 105; 14].

Till the spring 1900 authorities of China patronized foreign missions, but by the summer empress Tsysi has ordered to armies to support risen in capital. The officials suspected of communications with foreigners, were kazneny. When revolt has begun in capital, the chief of the Russian Spiritual Mission, archimandrite Innokenty (Figurovsky) and other missionaries have moved from Bejguanja in the Russian embassy. With themselves they have taken only the ancient image of prelate Nikolay Mozhajskogo brought from Albazina still by Maxim Leontevym in 1685, and valuable church utensils [14.]

The Chinese government has given for protection of mission ten kopejshchikov, but by June, 11th Mission has been reduced to ashes. Yihetuan two hundred twenty two orthodox Chineses which significant part have made Albazinian have severely killed. They became the first Chinese sacred-martyrs [17, 105; 14].

Was on June, 11th, 1900 Here is how this day the chief of mission in the Main afternoon of terrible death of orthodox Chineses describes:

" Still on the eve on all streets the leaflets called pagans to beating of Christians and threatened by death to everyone who will dare to cover them have been stuck. At night with 11 for June, 12th boxers with burning torches, having appeared in all parts of Beijing, attacked Christian dwellings, unfortunate Christians sufficed and tortured them, forcing to renounce the Christ. Many, in horror before tortures and death, renounced Orthodoxy to rescue the life, and voskurjali an incense before idols. But others, not being frightened by tortures, courageously professed the Christ. It was terrible them uchast. It unstitched stomaches, chopped off heads, burnt in dwellings. Searches and destruction of Christians proceeded also all the next days revolts. After destruction of dwellings of their Christians deduced for a city gate in pagan kumirni boxers where made it interrogation and burnt on fires. Under the certificate of pagans-eyewitnesses, some of orthodox Chineses met death with amazing samootverzheniem " [14.]

As it was already spoken, among victims for christianity was much albazintsev.

In clause " the First Christian martyrs " are mentioned Kliment Kuj Kin, Matvej Find fault TSjuan, its brother Vitt, Anna Zhuj [11, 83-84].

The Orthodox Church has highly estimated fidelity of Chineses and, in particular, albazintsev to Orthodoxy. In the eighth release " News of the Brotherhood of Orthodox Church in China " (on July, 1st, 1905) about orthodox albazintsah, become victims of revolt Yihetuan, under the title " the Praise ubiennym " wrote the following:

" <?> 4) Ija Ven, you were rukovoditelnitsej schools Albazinskih of maidens and nastavnitsej coming to belief Hristovoj, in martyr death you have confirmed a duty hristianok not only to believe in the Christ, but also to suffer for Its Name Sacred. 5) Miron Chew also Maria, you in constant struggle against poverty have managed to bring up in fear Bozhiem your big family, your children - Marfa, Anastas, Eudoxia, Innokenty, Savva, Nile, Maria and Elena were the best at school, priugotovilis for tsarstvija Bozhija therefore have followed you there where is not present a captivity, burning. Your ancestors were Albazinian, captivated there is no time, and you now were honoured to receive " freedom of glory of children Bozhiih! " . 11) Simeon Si, albazinets, you have lived half a century in a court yard missijskom, bearing various obedience, the church was shined with candles of your product, prosfory you served for fulfilment of an everyday liturgy, and the ring in bells collected bogomoltsev! 12) Kliment forge, you were spospeshnikom clergy in service church! 14) Anna Zhuj, in the house you are killed, but you have brought up servants for house Bozhija: now your son in diakonskom a dignity serves church and needs poor sobraty, and the daughter supervises over school of your sisters - albazinok! " [14.]

In October, 1901 the chief of the Beijing Spiritual Mission has presented the list of names of 222 orthodox Chineses killed for belief to the Most holy Synod and asked to resolve in their memory: " 1) to arrange on a place of the ruined church at mission in Beijing a temple in honour of All Sacred Martyrs of Orthodox Church, with a crypt under an altar, for burial in it of ashes of orthodox Chineses; 2) to establish for orthodox community in China to celebrate on June, 10th and 11 in the following order: on June, 10th to observe a strict post, transferring it on the nearest Friday if this day will drop out on Saturday or Sunday and to make a doleful liturgy with requiem on the killed orthodox Chineses, and on June, 11th solemnly to spend divine service in the name of Sacred Martyrs of Orthodox Church, with religious procession on a place of beating of orthodox Chineses or around of a temple, with singing irmosov " Volnoju morskoju ", and, after usual mnogoletstvija, to proclaim eternal memory to all Chineses who have fairly suffered for orthodox belief " [14.]

The Most holy Synod has decided to give mission blessing on execution of these offers of archimandrite Innokentija [14.]

Revolt Yihetuan became one of the major events of XX century which have affected for a life albazintsev. Here it is necessary to note two important moments.

First, many Albazinian have proved the true adherence to Orthodoxy, having accepted for the sake of it tortures and death in spite of the fact that their ancestors lived in Beijing already more than two hundred years and have been considerably subject to influence of the Chinese culture. It once again proves, that Albazinian continued to keep elements of Russian culture so, to them there was a process of acculturation, instead of assimilation.

Secondly, during this revolt was lost much albazintsev, and there was their reduction and so small community. Consequences of it are felt till now.