中文 | Русский | Kitajskij Blagovestnik (1935 edition)

Accounts of the Martyrs of the Chinese Orthodox Church
who fell victim in Beijing in 1900

English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas
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An Albazinian, MYRON Rui, 49 yrs. His wife Maria, 43 yrs. Their children: Martha, 21 yrs.; Anastasia, 19 yrs.; Eudoxia, 16 yrs.; Innokenty, 14 yrs., Savva, 12 yrs.; Nil, 10 yrs.; Maria, 7 yrs.; Elena, 4 yrs. They accepted martyrdom in their apartment near the Mission on June 10th. However, it is known that, having been wounded by the Boxers, Myron did not die but could not move; on the morning of June 11th, at about 6, neighbors continued hitting him with bricks, then the Boxers arrived and killed him. At this time, Fr. Mitrophan's son Sergiy came to the Mission site for the last time and heard Myron's dying cries.

LYUBOV Chang, a 22 yr. old maiden. She studied at the Mission school since childhood, later taught and lived there. When the Mission buildings were burned, she hid in the house of priest Mitrophan. Having been saved from Fr. Mitrophan's house when Christians were being slaughtered (June 10), Lyubov with her brother Iosaph and another elderly widow (67 yrs.), Anna Se, hid in the house of someone named Song, who was subsequently baptized; his house was on a place called Bei-ting (near the northwest part of the wall of the present mission site). Here Lyubov and Anna, hiding in a closet, were turned over to the Boxers and then killed. It is not known where Lyubov's mother, Maria Chang, 65 yrs., died. Lyubov's 6 yr. old niece Sira, who was Joseph's daughter, burned to death in Fr. Mitrophan's house. On June 11th, Lyubov's brother Joseph Rong, 37 yrs., was again near the Mission site and, being surrounded from all directions by the approaching Boxers, ran into Fr. Mitrophan's courtyard and hanged himself on a belt. According to one soldier, the Boxers pursuing Joseph beheaded him right after he hanged himself on a tree.

DOROTHEA, wife of Tikhon Wu, 43 yrs., limped. In early childhood she studied at the Mission school. She was martyred on June 10th in Fr. Mitrophan's house. Dying together with her were: her 12 yr. old son Mina and her 63 yr. old widowed mother Anastasia Li. On the morning of June 11th, Fr. Mitrophan's son Sergiy, saw their bodies lying in a row, near Fr. Mitrophan's body, at his head.

KAPITON Ying-yuan, 43 yrs., his wife Paraskeva, 40 yrs. During the night of June 10th, when the Boxers were attacking Christians, Fr. Mitrophan's son Sergiy, saw Kapiton and Paraskeva in back of Siyefu (now a mission site). Half dressed, they quickly ran west. Sergiy warned them not to walk on a major street. They were most likely martyred at the Triangle. Kapiton had been a chorister and was engaged in copying music.

VICTOR Fu, 48 yrs., baptized as an adult. He was a servant at the Mission's school for males. His 29 yr. old wife Marina, studied at the Mission's school for females. Their children: Herman, 10 yrs.; Faith, 8 yrs.; Mathew, 3 yrs., and an adopted daughter Hope, 16 yrs. On June 11th, the Boxers, doing a house to house search for Christians, passed Victor's house, but a neighbor, You, betrayed them to the Boxers and they were martyred beyond the Ānděngmén Gate (安定门), at the Jiāodàokǒu (交道口) site. Before dying, Victor spoke to the Boxers: "Violent ruiners! Of what are we guilty?!" The Boxers assaulted him and did not spare the children. Having killed Victor, they took out his heart and offered it as a sacrifice.

PETER Wang, 51 yrs., was a humble man. On June 11th he, together with his wife Anisia (44 yrs.) and son John Song (14 yrs.) were seized by the Boxers beyond the Ānděngmén Gate, taken by cart to the Triangle and executed there. Martyred there together with them were: Aquilina, 33 yr. old wife of Peter's deceased brother, and her children: Sergiy, 13 yrs., Anania, 11 yrs., Pelagia, 5 yrs. Peter also had a 20 yr. old daughter Elena, from his first wife; she was martyred on Dōngzhímén (东直门) street.

PHILLIP Antoniev Li Ruixing, 45 yrs.; his 37 yr. old wife Anna, and 7 yr. old son Thomas lived at the Russian embassy, where Phillip was the senior servant. When the embassies were besieged, Phillip fled from the city with his family and his relatives beyond the southwest gate. But local residents, learning that they were Christians, betrayed them to be tortured. They are buried there outside the city, near the Fēngtái station (丰台区).

ALEXEY Hang Wenheng, 42 yrs., his 34 yr. old wife Thecla, their children: 14 yr. old Theoktist, 12 yr. old Anna, 7 yr. old Iulita, 5 yr. old Sofonia, 1 yr. old Nicholas. On June 11, not having the opportunity to hide from the Boxers, they -- on someone's advice -- poisoned themselves with opium. But when they were still alive, the Boxers arrived and manifested their barbarity by removing Alexey's heart and biting it.

THEODORE Yue, 60 yrs old, his 51 yr. old wife Elizabeth. On June 10th, when the Mission buildings were burned, Theodore and Elizabeth hid in the house of their son-in-law, Alexey Hang. It is not known whether they died in Alexey's house or elsewhere. Theodore's 18 yr. old daughter Tatiana, had married a pagan. During the Boxers rebellion, her mother-in-law caused her much suffering; she fell ill and died, but others say she was killed.

ELIAS Quan, 32 yrs., his 26 yr. old wife Elena, and their 2 yr. old son John. On June 11th, at one o'clock in the afternoon, the Boxers came to them, having been identified by neighbors. Elias had a newborn son whom the Boxers axed in half. Elias and his family died at the same time as Afanasy Yu's family. Elias' 25 yr. old brother, Gerasim, secured his life for a big sum of money, but before Beijing was taken by foreign armies, the Boxers killed Gerasim, fearing revenge on the part of Gerasim.

MINODORA Wang, 59 yrs., her 35 yr. old older son Andrew, his 29 yr. old wife Anna, their 5 yr. old daughter Sophia; Minodora's second, 33 yr. old son John, his 22 yr. old wife Daria, their 5 year old son Theodosius; 23 yr. old Maria, wife of Minodora's third son David, her 3 yr. old son Mark -- they were all martyred on the evening of June 10 in the Vitta Hai home, where there is now a women's monastery. Maria was pregnant at the time.

SERGIY Filippov Zhang, 49 yr. old widower, who studied at the Mission school in early childhood; knew Russian and was a chorister all his life. He was probably martyred together with his 19 yr. old son John on June 10, at his home (where there is now a women's monastery.)

An Albazinian, ALEXANDER Heng Gui, the son of Gorodiy, 33 yr. old merchant. On June 6th he was betrayed to the Boxers by former ill-wishers, taken beyond the Dōngzhímén Gate (东直门) and killed near the city wall close to the floodgate and buried in the same place, by the river.

LEV Hai Ling, 39 yrs.; when the Boxer pogroms began, he fled to an unknown location together with his 61 yr. old father, Savva Tsin and 14 yr. old son John. The place and manner of their death are unknown.

SAMPSON Nikolaev Pan, 36 yrs., his 32 year old wife Anna, their 7 yr. old son Evdokim; at first he purchased his life for money, but the Boxers were dissatisfied with the sum he gave. When on June 15th Sampson was returning after getting his tsi-zhen salary, the Boxers severed his head at a place called Jiāodàokǒu (交道口) , stuck it atop a club, carried it on a big street, proclaiming: "This is Sampson's head". Samson's wife and son were probably killed at the Triangle.

An Albazinian, PAUL Sang, 60 yrs., the brother of Monk Papiy. June 1, when the Boxer pogroms began, left on his cart, some say it was for Shānxī province (山西省); it is unknown where he died.

DANIEL De, 30 yrs. When the Boxers started attacking Christians, Daniel at first hid, but was then seized and killed on the Dōngzhímén street. His father Trofim Gong (53 yrs) and mother Ekaterina (52 yrs.) probably died in their house (near the Mission).

GEORGE Lian Xi, 42 yrs. On June 10th he saved himself from the Boxers who were attacking Christians, but on the next day was seized and killed near Dongsipailou in Cheng'ensi.

ANNA Lin, 81 yr. old widow, from among the wards of the Mission. After the destruction of the Mission building, she first lived at Pavel Wang's. And when Pavel's house was ravaged, Anna walked to Beijing's western parts, intending to hide with relatives, but she did not find shelter there and, on the return trip, was drowned in a small river by the inhabitants of a Manchurian military settlement. This happened, probably, on June 4th.

MATRONA Lian, 46 yrs. When the mission buildings were destroyed, Matrona with her younger daughter Mavra (10 yrs.) was evicted from her apartment by the pagan landlord and hid in Fr. Mitrophan's house where her husband, Mina Lian, was also staying. On June 10th, when the Boxers were attacking Christians in Fr. Mitrophan's house, Matrona died there as well, along with her daughter Mavra. Matrona's older daughter -- her name is forgotten -- had married a pagan, and when the Boxer uprising began, her husband's relatives starved her to death since the Boxers terrified them, as if they saw white steam above those houses where Christians were hiding, and threatened the occupants of such houses with extermination without recourse.

EVFIMY Pan, 42 yrs. When the Boxer pogroms began, he hid on Mǎsháo Hútòng Lane (马杓胡同, south of the Mission), but on June 11 villains stoned him there on the street. Evfimy's 36 yr. old wife Fevronia was probably burned in the house.

AKILINA Shuang, 25 yrs., her 61 yr. old widowed mother-in-law Anna Chang, her 39 yr. old husband Paul Konstantinov Shuang, and children: 10 yr. old Ioann, 4 yr. old Makrina, 2 yr. old Ioann -- hid on Mǎsháo Hútòng Lane. Villainous neighbors advised them to lock themselves in the house, promising to conceal them from the Boxers. Not suspecting treachery, they locked themselves in the house. When the Boxers arrived, the house was set on fire, beginning with the windows and doors, so that all those inside perished from the fire.

IRINA Gui Ruishi, 54 yrs. At the beginning of the Boxer pogrom, she and her 61 yr. old husband Ionah Gui, hid in Miron Rui's house (near the site where there is now a women's monastery). Irina was a woman of modest outlook, who attended church daily. It is said that when she was pointed out as a "črmáozǐ" (二毛子) to Boxers searching for Christians, she, in simplicity of heart, answered: "We are not 'črmáozǐ' but Christians."

An Albazinian, IRINA Fu, 35 yrs., wife of Ivan Fu. Irina's children: Anna, 17; Athanasia, 10; Evpraksiya, 8; Prokhor, 6; Natria, 3. On June 10 Elena's husband took her and the children to her mother, Anna Rui, promising to look for a place for them to hide. But in the evening attacks on Christians began; Irina, with the help of her sister (now the nun Fiva [Phoebe]), sought safety, fleeing with her children from her mother's house over a wall. However, being pregnant, she could hardly move. In the morning, the Boxers seized her on Nánxiǎo Jiē Street (南小街) near Lumicang. Later she was sent through the Ānděngmén Gate to the Boxer encampment and killed with her children at the Triangle. Irina's daughter-in-law Pelagia, 44, died together with her. Pelagia's husband, Stefan Fu, hid from the Boxers for about three months beyond the Qiánmén Gate (正阳门,俗称前门 ). He died from an illness when foreign armies took Beijing.

ANNA Bai, widow, 62 yrs. She lived in the Mission alms house with her son, Antoni, 16. When the mission buildings were burned, Anna hid in Shizijie, that is, with Christians living at the site which now is a part of the Mission courtyard, near the women's monastery; she probably died beyond the Ānděngmén Gate.

ZOYA Shuang, about 45 yrs., widow. She, together with her daughter Alexandra, 11, and her son Andrei, 7, lived at the Mission alms house. After the Mission buildings burned, Zoya with her children, hid with relatives on Shizijie Street and probably died beyond the Ānděngmén Gate.

An Albazinian, KAPITOLINA Huai, widow, 62. After her husband's death, being in great poverty and forced by her son-in-law, she renounced the faith. Then her legs were taken away. Shortly before the Boxer rebellion, Kapitolina repented and she probably died beyond the Ānděngmén Gate.

An Albazinian, AGAFIYA Rui, widow, 55 yrs. She lived in the Mission almshouse. After the Mission buildings had been burned, Agafiya hid on Dongchenggen Street (eastern part of the present site of the women's monastery; she died, probably, in Miron Rui's house.

An Albazinian, KAPITOLINA Huai, widow, 62. After her husband's death, being in great poverty and forced by her son-in-law, she renounced the faith. Then her legs were taken away. Shortly before the Boxer rebellion, Kapitolina repented and she probably died beyond the Ānděngmén Gate.

An Albazinian, AGAFIYA Rui, widow, 55 yrs. She lived in the Mission almshouse. After the Mission buildings had been burned, Agafiya hid on Dongchenggen Street (eastern part of the present site of the women's monastery; she died, probably, in Miron Rui's house.

AKILINA Guang, widow, 47 yrs. She lived at the Mission alms house. Her children: Evstolia, 14, and Kifa, 11. They died, probably, when the Christians were attacked, on June 10, not known where.

EVGENI Vasilevich Ji, 47, Manchurian soldier, endured martyrdom on June 7th near Dōngzhímén Gate, at a place called Hónglǐng (红领), and there was thrown down a well.

EVFIMIA, 12 yrs., daughter of the Albazinian, Paul Yong, endured martyrdom on June 10, in Fr. Mitrophan's house.

An Albazinian, FEODOT Gordiev Rui, 60 yrs., endured martyrdom in his house near the Mission, on June 10th.

The son of Luke Quan, MIKHAIL, with his wife and three children fled to their cemetery, but not finding a haven, went from place to place and were seized. This was on June 8 at about 12 o'clock. They were taken to the Boxer encampment beyond Ānděngmén Gate. Ivan Zhun, taken in the morning, was already there. At about 3, Alexander Chen was seized in his house and brought to the encampment beyond Ānděngmén Gate. Protectors were found for him as well as Ivan and Mikail; ransom was paid, and they were confined in the Boxer encampment. Later Alexander and Ivan's families were transferred there. They lived there for more than a month in crowded surroundings. But not all the children were able to bear the horrors of that time. The day after capture, Alexander's daughter Maria, 3, died in an attack of illness; then, one by one Ivan's children died: Maria, 5; Nina, 8; Vasily, 3; finally Mikhail's daughter Elena, 6, died. Simeon -- Ivan's brother -- was also there and he was also dying.

ELENA Huo, widow, 73 yrs; Olimpiada Jin, widow 61; Olimpiada's daughter Olga, 19, all endured martyrdom on June 10 near the Mission.

FEVRONIA Fu, 72 yrs, endured martyrdom June 1, beyond the Ānděngmén Gate.

ANNA Li, widow, 58 yrs.

NIKON Huo, 23 yrs.

ANDREI Zhu Ling, 54 yrs, suffered on June 10 at the Mission site.

PETR Chang, 57 yrs, endured martyrdom on June 11.

IONA, adopted son of Alexei Hang Wenheng, 19 yrs.

DARIA De, 54 yr. old widow, mother of Gerasim Fu and Gerasim's daughter Agafia, endured martyrdom, on June 11 at Shíchŕhǎi (什刹海), beyond the Hòumén Gate (后门).

An Albazinian, PAVEL Nikolaevich Dong, 48; his wife Evgenia Mihailovna, 38, and their children: Iuliania, 13; Lukia, 9; Stefan, 7, endured martyrdom on June 20 in Zhuāngqīn Wángfǔ (庄亲王府) in the western city.

DARIA, 33 yr. old sister of Nikolai Ji, endured martyrdom on June 23rd beyond the Dōngchímén Gate.

ISAIAH Se, 62 yr. old Manchurian, died June 22nd beyond the Dōngzhímén Gate.

ANNA, 56 yr. old wife of the Albazinian, Georgy A, and Anna, Georgy's 36 yr. old daughter, both Albazinians, endured martyrdom on Hǎidŕimén, near Shiyiyuan.

An Albazinian, NIKOLAI, 22 yr. old nephew of Nikon Quan.