Русский | June 26, 2007
Tatiana Manakova
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In Beijing, passed on the day of remembrance of 222 Chinese martyrs

June 24 Orthodox communities in the Holy city of Beijing in the Russian embassy in China, in a day of the 222 Chinese martyrs was made the first group. As archpriest Dionisy Pozdnyaev committed to the memorial Poklonnogo Cross, established in April this year on the ground destroyed in the 1957 All Saints Church of Martyrs Russian Orthodox Mission, in which the sarcophagus had been buried remains of 222 Chinese Orthodox.

Chinese martyrs were hearted Russian Orthodox Church in 1902 in the face mestnochtimyh Saints. At the very beginning of the last century, in the summer of 1900, Russian Spiritual Mission in China has experienced an enormous test-rack uprising ( "uprising" Yihetuan-popular uprising in northern China in the 1898-1901 biennium.) . The main objective of the struggle against foreign aggression. Among the dead insurgents were not only foreign preachers and technicians, traders, scientists, but Chinese officials, soldiers, officers and farmers. Especially popular among members of the community used the slogan, provozglashavshy against Christian churches and massacre were converted to Christianity with the Chinese, who were seen as traitors.

June 1, 1900 squads ihetuaney entered Beijing. Anger rebels largely fallen on the Chinese Orthodox. Their by early XX century in China there were about 1500 people. In those days in Beijing killed several hundred Chinese Orthodox. and 222 were able to identify. Among them are svyaschennomuchenik Mitrofan (Adopting priesthood at the hands of Saint Nicholas Japan), his wife Tatiana and their children. They were the first Orthodox and Chinese martyrs were canonised. The night from 23 to 24 June (to in 1900 to go down in history under the title "Varfolomeevskaya night Beypina" (so named by Beijing in 1949).

The old destroyed during the Boxer uprising of the church in 1903 there was a vault, which was postponed holy relics of Chinese martyrs. They put in the marble tomb. In 1904 was finished laying Church of All Saints and Martyrs finishing altar. June 10 (in art. Art.) 1904, a solemn consecration vault. In connection with the construction in the second half of the 1950s in the area of new buildings USSR embassy in China of many buildings were destroyed, including, in 1957, was demolished Martyrs Church of All Saints, although he did not directly interfere with the construction of a new embassy.

Celebrating the memory of Chinese martyrs in recent years to rebuild. January 24, 2005 the Russian embassy in the park was established aide stone slab with a hole depicted stylized well : Bodies of Chinese martyrs were dropped in the ancient well in the Mission. The monument was erected at the scene before the martyrdom of the Chinese Orthodox Church near All Saints Martyrs, but was demolished in the so-called "Great Cultural Revolution".

photo from
B. Alexandrov

In 1960-h-nachale late 1970s, when China was the so-called "Cultural Revolution", the Russian cemetery in the Andingmen, which, on one version of the Crypt Church of All Saints Martyrs were taken power killed 222 Chinese Orthodox, has been destroyed. Subsequently, as the graves of almost no care, the cemetery has been virtually abandoned. Graves swamps hospitalized and destroyed by weather and time. Finally same cemetery was closed in the mid-1980s. The lands that were attached to it, there was a recreation park "Qingnianhu" (Youth Lake), built in 1958-60-e Beijing Youth Employment Saturday.

photo from
B. Alexandrov

The Holy Pascha holiday on April 3, 2007 for the blessing of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy on the ground destroyed Martyrs Church of All Saints in the Russian embassy in China took place commemorative memorial : Poklonny Cross and Memorial plaque with a picture of the church and a short description of it. June 23 at the memorial service attended by Poklonnogo Cross initiated the revival of the commemorative memorial Boris Alexandrov-grand nephew Metropolitan Victor (Svyatina) (1893-1966), Chief of the latest Orthodox Mission in China.

St. Chinese martyrs were at the Russian and English. On this day they are Orthodox prayer in Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Great Britain.