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" The Life not a holiday,

The Life is a feat ".

Prelate Philaret Moskovsky

Among what names will find reflections on pages of our magazine, posvjashchenyonyh the most outstanding harbintsam leaving century people widely known, undoubtedly, will make during lifetime of. To it we also recollect them later many years. Memory of them was not erased after decades from the date of their death.

To number of such known people can be with good reason carried Metropolitan Nestor of Harbin and Manchuria, Ekzarh the Moscow Patriarchy across East Asia. It has been known and esteemed in due time. And today we address to the memory as the scale of this person in Russian orthodox life of city of Harbin became vospriyonimatsja more deeply and more brightly only now, last years when its biographies much before unknown page became accessible to us. Spheres of interests of Vladika Nestor were razyolichnymi. It was the educator of people of Kamchatka, studied languages of many nationalities of the Far East, opened monasteries, shelters, schools, hospitals, built temples, loved the flock and served Russia. The circle of acquaintances made and a circle of its dialogue beskoneyochen. It has been presented to imperial family and repeatedly received invitations to receptions. At the same time paid attention of a colony prokazhennyh and arranged well it. SegoYOdnja we can rank it to sonmu people who are pride of Russia.

For a basis of the biography of Vladika Nestor its curriculum vitae (with small reductions), written by it and stored in the Patriarchal archive of Moscow is taken.

Time of service in Russia (1905-1921). Pages of the curriculum vitae.

" I, metropolitan Nestor (Nikolay Aleksandrovich Anisimov), was born in 1884 on November, 22nd (on November, 9th) in a Kirov (Vyatka).

In 1905 has acted in number of brotherhood Kazan man's Spasskogo a monastery, having left high school - the Kazan Real School.

In 1907 has ended rates on the eaeiuoei-Mongolian languages at the Kazan Spiritual Academy.

Having a calling to serve people in a i?inaaoeoaeuii-church field, in 1907 on April, 17th has accepted a nunhood with name nestor, and has voluntary gone the missionary to Kamchatka to Archbishop Vladivostok and Kamchatka Evseviju.

In the first years of the stay in the Kamchatka area has familiarized with a life and a life of the population of many nationalities of the Kamchatka area.

On the Kamchatka settlements there were here and there arrivals. Among settled and wandering narodnoyostej: Tungus, chukchej, koryaks, aleuts and kamchadalov were not any spiritual and kulyoturnogo educations, not for children of these nationalities and schools. The population lived zhizyonju trustful " children of the nature ", nothing known on light, except for the primitive Kamchatka life among the severe nature. They were maintained in the severe injurious image by every possible exchange dealers run there who for a tinsel, for besyotsenok or for wine were enriched, and the population became an inveterate drunkard and lived in misery.

All these ugly phenomena have forced me to be to Vladivostok to EparhialYOnomu to Bishop Evseviju with the project about creation of the Kamchatka Spiritual Mission and KamchatskoYOgo the Orthodox Brotherhood in the name of Vsemilostivogo Spasa. The charter of this establishment preyosledoval wide spiritually-educational charitable work with opening the Main Advice of the Brotherhood at the Eparchial Bishop and with branches in central goyorodah Russia. The purpose of this Brotherhood was to pull together eai?aonei-Chukchi surburb with deloyovym the center of Russia where then did not know the remote rich edge, and were not interested in it that is why gave all on plunder.

In 1910 have been opened the Kamchatka Orthodox Spiritual Mission and KamchatYOskoe the Orthodox Brotherhood in the name of Vsemilostivogo Spasa. All this has enriched KamchatYOskuju Mission not only means, but, the most important, stock for churches, schools and shelters for children of wandering foreigners. Houses were done on continent and in the disassembled kind were brought by steamships, gathered in settlements on extensive open spaces of Kamchatka. The special attention the Brotherhood gave colonies prokazhennyh for which accomplishment I had to visit a greater colony sick of a leprosy in district PeterYoburgskoj Jamburgskom then provinces. On brotherly means first-aid sets, obyoshchiny sisters of mercy have been organized.

On the river Nikolke where 200 years ago there were monasteries, but in 18 years in the Kamchatka civil strife it is destroyed, by me it has been much made for the device on this place trudoyovogo a man's monastery with a temple in the name of Vsemilostivogo Spasa, the brotherhood has been collected from SHmakovskogo Nikolsk-Onno?eeneiai a monastery with Hegumen Klimentom. Having studied evenkyosky, Tungus and koryak languages, has translated the Divine Liturgy, partially the Gospel, has made the koryak dictionary, on Tungus language has translated the selected prays and Precepts of Pleasure.

In 1913 has been erected in a dignity of the Hegumen. In 1915 - in a dignity of Archimandrite.

In 1914, being on affairs of the Kamchatka Brotherhood in capital, has found declaration of war with Germany. Not leaving work on Kamchatka, voluntary, on blessing svoyoego Arhipastyrja, has headed sanitary group " First aid by the wounded man to soldiers under fire of the enemy ", supervised sanotrjadom on the advanced positions. Together with group rendered poyomoshch to wounded men, addressing and directing in gospitali and infirmaries. Consisting simultaneously voyoennym the priest - the Hegumen in eaea-guards Dragoon Kavalerijskom a shelf, prihodiyolos repeatedly with polkom to happen in horse attack.

For rescue polkovogo SHtandarta and shtandarta the officer, hard wounded man in konyonom to fight, for breaks to East Prussia, was received from the Rate with the Cross on georgievskoj lenyote. I have fighting awards: Over Vladimir with swords and a bow of IV degree, Over Anna SH and II degrees with swords on a tape and a bow, p Nikolay's Award with swords and a bow.

Spiritual awards: the Cross of Coffin gospodnja Jerusalem, the Star Kamchatka PraYOvoslavnogo Brotherhoods, the Cross on a tape Over Apostle Fomy and other distinctions.

A1916 to year has been caused from front under the decision of the Sacred Synod and it is put in the first independent Bishop Kamchatka and Peter and Paul. On October, 29th (16 okt.) t. In Vladivostok on 31 year of a life hirotonisovan in Bishop.

A1917-1918 - a member Moscow All-Russia pomestnogo the Cathedral ".

About this period of a life metropolitan Nestor has in more detail written to the zayopiskah " My memoirs " above which it has started to work in the end 1950th vosyopominanija it has started to write after clearing from camps, on what Alex I (Simansky) has blessed it PatriYOarh Moscow and vseja Russia. The book " My memoirs " for the first time has been published in 1995 Krutitsky Patriarshego Podvorja's by book publishing house and has entered into a series " Materials on history of Church (the book 7) ". kniyoga " My Kamchatka ", made on memoirs and other works of Vladika Nestor, the edition Piously-o?ieoeie Sergievoj Laurels on blessing the Most holy Patriarch MosYokovskogo and vseja Russia Alex II (Redrigera) The same year was published. It intended the manuscripts for reading uzyokomu to a circle of people, basically to ecclesiastics. Having read through books, we admire Vladika Nestorom, before its mind, sincere generosity the same as far people of Kamchatka subdued by its kindness and goodwill once revered it. Its love to Kamchatka, to its inhabitants the affection, and work and the feats accomplished there - causes deep respect. Harbinsky the period of service (1921-1948). Pages of the curriculum vitae.

" Upon termination of the Moscow All-Russia Cathedral came back to Kamchatka, but means of communication there have been closed. I have remained in Vladivostok, whence in 1921 vyyoehal in a Harbin (former right-of-way KVZHD) where has opened the Kamchatka farmstead with a temple in honour of an icon of All Grieving Pleasures. Has organized shelters " the House of Mercy and Diligence " for children of orphans of Russian and Chinese nationality, for startsev and starits-o?iieeia, a shelter for young men of addicts, a shelter of deaf-mutes, the house for insane persons, schools with applied arts, zhivopis-eeiiiie.

In 1938 has visited India where has been invited by the hindu eaoi?eeeinii-patriarch Mar-Vasiliusom headed Christians-yeiaeoia from Apostle Fomy, wishing to reunite with Russian PravoslavYOnoj church in quantity up to 600 tyyosjach the person.

In the same place, on about. Ceylon, old ksendzom Vasily Alvarets, predyostavitelem independent Catholics, to last remained after otdeleyonija them from Vatican, to me darstyovenno had been notarially transferred a church constructed in 1871, with the manor, well kept what I osyovjatil and made Divine services.

In June, 1945, for 3 months prior to the beginning of military events with JAponiYOej, from Its blessing SvjatejshestYOva of Patriarch Alex, for BogosluzheYOniem began to uplift a pray about PatYOriarhe Moskovsk and vseja Russia, for what had greater troubles from the Japanese gendarmerie which gave an explanation about Russian Orthodox church and its chapter the Patriarch Moskovsk and vseja to Russia.

In September, 1945 of Harbin met victorious Soviet Armies from clergy and inhabitants.

Per 1946 in a Harbin there has arrived delegation from the Moscow Patriarchy in structure of Bishop Elevferija Rostov and prot. Of Razumovsky which problem was to accept in a bosom of Mother-church clergy in a real dignity, will of destiny long time was in otryve from the Moscow Patriarchy and its chapter of the Most holy father and Patriarch Alex MoYoskovskogo and vseja Russia.

In same to year by the Most holy Patriarch and the Sacred Synod it is appointed upravyoljajushchim Harbinskoj and the Manchurian diocese, the Patriarchal Ekzarhom across East Asia with erection in a dignity of Metropolitan.

In the same, to 1946, in a counterbalance to influence uniatov, had the Liceum in honour of p Nikolay in Harbin with a boarding school and bringing up Russian children, I with blagosloveyonija Svjatejshestva Patriarch Alex, had been opened Liceum in honour of Over Kn. Alexander NevYoskogo with a boarding school which has soon delayed the most part of pupils from uniatov. In LiYotsee Alexander Nevskogo there was 11 class with the Theological bias, in general the program has been developed on the basis of desjatiletki and seminaries ".

Warm, kind words are written in the necrologue to metropolitan Nestor about this period of its life published in magazine " Moscow patriarchy " after its death.

" On coincidence of circumstances pochivshemu arhipastyrju it was necessary to live almost thirty years far from the Native land. The hot patriot, it deeply grieved about it, about the native Vyatka, about hotly favourite mother who has died when it was far from it. Being in Harbin, bishop Nestor has made very much much for the homeless Russian children who have come to be in ManYOchzhurii and there of lost parents, for prizrenija old men and invalids. OsnovanYOnyj the House of Mercy has sheltered set of unfortunate, homeless people.

These years bishop Nestor had to visit many countries and to visit neyoskolko time the Sacred Earth. During Great Domestic war 1941-1945 the Vladika said patriotic sermons, called to pray for a victory over enemies of the Native land and has enthusiastically met in 1945 arrival to Manchuria Soviet Army " .[1]

Charities VlaYOdyki Nestor remember many harbintsy. In their memory its image, as person vigorous, everywhere in time, careful and authoritative was still kept. On Elena BoYorisovny Peshkovoj's (poljakovoj) memoirs which many years sang in chorus of church of the House of Mercy, VlaYOdyka loved solemn divine services obyostavljat so magnificently and superb, that many parishioners remember till now its most beautiful oblachenija. During zautreni for Easter it peyoreodeval oblachenija some times, changing their color scale, and to these caused delights moyoljashchihsja, emphasizing pleasure of Revival gospodnja. Magnificent chorus and exulting perezvon bells - all created an atmosphere of a light celebration and pripodnjatosti spirit. From its words it is known, that the Vladika was able to agree with the Japanese military mission about that did not take on military service in group Asano of Russian young men on which care there were aged parents or children. So it has rescueed from service in Peshkov George VaYolerjanovicha's group Asano, as the supporter of family.

" Did not serve, consisted behind staff " (1948-1956) so has shortly written Vladika Nestor in the track record made 20 apyorelja 1959, about the years of reprisal lead in GULAGe. Avaricious 2 lines are written down and in avyotobiografii. " In 1948 by the Chinese authorities has been deported in limits of Soviet Union. Since 1948 on January, 7th, 1956 has been subjected to repression ". Data on this time of a life of Vladika Nestor are not numerous, and sometimes inconsistent. To find witnesses, otyobyvavshih near to it these heavy eight years, it was not possible.

For what Vladika Nestor and what was charged to it, and poyosluzhilo has been detained and condemned by the reason of so severe punishment?

The Priest about. Dionisy pozdnjaev writes: " on June, 13th, 1948 the clergy of a diocese served in a cathedral of Harbin moleben about gathering in travel - to Moscow on the Cathedral ekzarhe, metropolitan Nestore. Early in the morning on Monday on June, 14th ekzarh was zayoderzhan the Chinese authorities. Simultaneously with it have been detained the secretary of Eparchial advice E.N. Sumarokov, the secretary of Vladika Nestor priest Vasily Gerasims and nun Zynaida (Briddi). The general Consulate of the USSR in Harbin was informiroyovano that acts of political character are incriminated to metropolitan Nestor and that prisoners are not a subject to clearing, and are deported in the USSR. In Khabarovsk miyotropolit nestor on court has been accused of anti-soviet activity: it consist in nayopisanii books " Execution of the Moscow Kremlin " and fulfilment of requiems on ubiennym in Alapaevsk to relatives of family of Nikolay II " .[2] According to Vladikas and in other sources is added: " Except for thirty-year prescription of the brochure, to it was charged with that obstojayotelstvo, that in 1920 it participated in transferring imperishable remains Great knjagiyoni Elizabeths Fedorovny from Urals Mountains to Jerusalem " .3 {[3]}

" Execution of the Moscow Kremlin (on October, 27th - on November, 3rd, 1917) " has been written VladyYOkoj Nestor and published in 1917 on blessing and decision pomestnogo of the Cathedral which member it was. The book has been devoted to tragical events in Moscow. (VpoYOsledstvii the circulation has been completely confiscated and destroyed. But by miracle it was kept neskolyoko copies owing to what it again was issued; - in 1995 in Moscow publishing house " Capital " has let out the book in circulation 20 thousand copy). Those severe years Vladika Nestor peyorezhival events occuring in the country, was anxious about the future of Fatherland, about preservation of its cultural property. Heart of the true patriot could not remain quiet and should respond to an appeal of the Cathedral to all orthodox people, beginning words. " During of some days Russian guns fired at the greatest relic of Russia - our sacred Moscow Kremlin with drevyonimi its cathedrals storing sacred chudoyotvornye icons, to power of saints and an antiquity Russian " With a pain in shower VlaYOdyka nestor wrote: " this Shame can zayogladitsja only when all Russia will come round from the madness and will begin to live snoyova belief of the grandfathers and fathers, sozidatelej this Sacred Kremlin, collectors SvjaYOtoj of Russia ". In 30 years this book has served as an occasion for charge and reprisals, kotoyorym it has undergone.

Date of martyr death of Nikolay II and members of its family was annually marked by the Russian emigration all over the world. poyovsemestno requiems were served in churches on ubiennym. Vladika Nestor very much honoured payomjat about emperor Nikolay II and cesarevitch Alexey. In Harbin the input on territory of the Kamchatka farmstead in 1936 had vozdvignuta a chapel, it was crowned with cap monomayoha It is the Monument to Crowned martyrs - to emperor Nikolay II, imperial family and king of Yugoslavia Alexander I (Karageorgievichu), to the patron of Russian emigration killed in 1934. Till 1945 sovershayolis requiems on imperial family both in HarbiYOne, and across all Manchuria.

Receding from Urals Mountains, the White Army has taken out remains of Grand dukes and Great Princess Elizabeth Fedorovny from Alapaevsk. The sanction to export has been received from admiral Kolchaka and general Diterihsa. With eight coffins in the commodity car accompanied about. Serafim, hegumen Serafimo-Alekseevskogo of a monastery of the Perm diocese, the friend and the confessor Great KnjagiYOni. Through a fire of civil war through all Russia, Manchuria and Harbin in their 1920 have delivered to Beijing and have buried in a crypt on a cemetery of Martyrs in Russian DuhovYOnoj Missions. Per 1921 under the insisting of sisters and the brother coffins with moshchami Great Princess Elizabeth Fedorovny and it sputnitsy, inokini Barbarians JAkovlevoj, through Shanghai, Port Said have arrived to Jerusalem accompanied by about. Whether Na?aoeia.[4] Had Vladika Nestor otnoyoshenie to export moshchej from Alapaevsk to Jerusalem, it is not known.

In the letter from the Central archive of FSB of the Russian Federation from 19.10.99, sent in reply to my inquiry, it is informed, that Vladika Nestor "... At MTB the USSR from 25.12.48 on item 58-3 and ?.1 item 58-10 UK RSFSR (" active hostile activity against the USSR ") is concluded by the decision of Special meeting in places of imprisonment for 10 years, left punishment on terriyotorii Mordovian ASSR

The Decision of the Central Commission on revision of affairs on the persons condemned for counterrevolutionary crimes, containing in camps, colonies and prisons of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR and being the reference to settlement, to Anisimov Nikolay Aleksandrovichu in izyomenenie decisions of Special meeting at MTB the USSR from 25.12.48 the measure of punishment is lowered to actually left term, from under guards is released 10.01.56.

Anisimov N.A. is completely rehabilitated in 1990 ".

The Conclusion last eight long terrible years. It was necessary to go through improbable for the person of its age of difficulty. To it there were 64 years when it have arrested, and only in 72 years it has left on freedom.

However in " Materials to the biography of metropolitan Nestor ", written at that time metropolitan Manuilom (Lemeshevskim), this period is reflected so: "... From June, 1948 till January, 1956 a diocese did not operate. Lived on rest in JAvase, Mordovian ASSR... " [5]

At clearing from camp to Vladika Nestor have been given out the information (with a press and a photo) and the characteristic (with a press), stored in the Patriarchal archive.


The USSR the Form "And" Ministry of Internal Affairs ACH

Management of NEEDLES the INFORMATION                       № 005.497

On January, 10th, 1956.

It is given out to citizen ANISIMOVU Nikolay Aleksandrovichu, year of a birth 1885, a nationality - Russian, the native of mountains. Kirov, the Kirov area that it contained in jails of the Ministry of Internal Affairs from July, 5th, till January, 10th, 1956, whence it is released under the decision of the CENTRAL COMMISSION of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR from 27-12-55 years AHEAD OF SCHEDULE WITHOUT the SUBSEQUENT DEFEATS of the RIGHTS.

Follows to a residence

It is mean. Has signed:


The CHIEF of the PART - (the signature nerazborchiva)

With original it is true:



ANISIMOV Nikolay Aleksandrovich during a finding in Corrective-labour camp, has been carried on the physical structure to group of invalids. However, not looking at the physical inability, accepted active participation in rendering poyomoshchi Camp Administration in carrying out by her different economic meroprijayoty and as the best disciplined and cultural person, has been appointed brigayodirom, and in a brigade to the brigadnikam has been disciplined also exacting in observance of the internal schedule.

Active participation accepted in socially-mass and cultural-mass works, read lectures and took part in a wall press.

To the charged duties concerned honesty, the camp mode did not break and in a life was an example for others,

Original has signed:


Deputy NACH of division

On it is watered. vospit. To work BAHAN


With original it is true:



Last period of service (1956-1962). Pages of the curriculum vitae:

" 1956-1958 Metropolitan Novosibirsk and Barnaul.

In 1957 in an anniversary of mine svjashchennosluzhenija (50 years) from the Most holy Patriarch Alex has received the award: " the Right of carrying of two panagy ".

In 1958 in December the Most holy Patriarch and the Most holy Synod naznayochen managing director the Kirovograd and Nikolaev diocese ".

Having left the conclusion and having received purpose, Vladika Nestor has served thankful first divine service on August, 4th, 1956 in Novosibirsk Voznesenskom a cathedral. But still long time it tested echoes of its stay in layogerjah. So authorities did not give it a registration in NovosiYObirske. In the Patriarchal archive letters in this occasion were kept. One of them from secretary NovosibirYoskogo of eparchial management G.I.Popkov for № 1397 from 19 deck. 1956 in Advice on affairs of Russian Orthodox Church at Owls. Minutes of the USSR. In it, in particular, it is spoken: " From the moment of arrival mitropoyolita in a Novosibirsk and till now has passed six months and the chief of Militia of mountains. Novosibirsk till this moment refuses in propisyoke on a residence on a to Novosibirsk - on street PushYokina № 11 where has constant faculty Vysokopreosvjashchennejshy Nestor, metropolitan NovoYosibirsky and Barnaul... " Other letter from 20 deck. 1956 has written itself Vladika Nestor, addressing to Operating affairs of Moscow Patriarchy protopresviteru about. N.Kolchitskomu:

" Dear and glubokochtimyj father Protopresviter Nikolay Fedorovich! As received one of the first clearing from camp, I could not fall under koyomissiju about removal from me of a previous conviction, have noted been only " ahead of schedule without the subsequent poyorazheny the rights ". Therefore very much you I ask to not give up to me in soyodejstvii to make sootvetstyovujushchie corrections in predosyotavlennom to you mine pasporyote... To not have prepjatstyovy in a registration and in vzaimootnoyoshenijah with civil authorities.

As I have remained in nayostojashchee time without the document very much I ask you to help me with the prompt sanction of my passport question. To me izyovesten a lot of persons, which such order were ispravleyony passports.

Your obedient the servant and bogomolets unworthy Metropolitan Nestor ".

Because of treny, arisen with the local representative who has decided to close one of temples in city, 8 sent. 1958 it has unexpectedly been sent on rest and only in a year has received purpose for the Kirovograd and Nikolaev faculty.

As it was difficult to bear to it arhierejskoe service on new destination, it is visible from the characteristic on it, made on August, 28th, 1961, in the letter for № 272, upolnoyomochennym Advice on affairs of Russian Orthodox Church on Kirovograd area USSR of N.Kravchenko. (It is printed with reductions).

" Anisimov Nikolay Aleksandrovich (metropolitan Nestor) serves Operating KiYorovogradskoj as a diocese since December, 25th, 1958... Per 1914-1915 voluntary (as ukazyvayoet itself nestor) served in imperial army, has awards: the maximum spiritual award napersyonyj a cross on georgievskoj to a tape, Vladimir with swords and a bow of 4-th degree, over Anna of 3-rd and 2-nd degree with swords and a bow, an award over Nikolay with swords and a bow, a star of 1-st degree of the Most gracious Spasa " the Kamchatka orthodox brotherhood ". From above resulted data it is visible, that nestor (Anisimov N.A.) Has passed greater school in imperial empire and on belief is the monarchist, reactionary religioznikom orthodox church. Being Operating the Kirovograd diocese, conducts the closed way of life, borrows the separate big house for habitation though family has no, service receptions spends not in management of a diocese, and the house. In the house where it lives, has organized " a house temple ", ostensibly for personal spiritual satisfaction.

At printing critiques in newspapers and magazines (see magazine " Spark ", № 22 for 1961) in which metropolitan Nestor is mentioned, reacts painfully, declares, that it has not deserved it and as it is expressed, it know abroad, as known lichyonost among clergy in Russia...

Having 77 years, a state of health painful, memory is dulled; shows zabyvyochivost, but, as a rule, on all questions, it recommended, agrees. BolshinYOstvo current questions practically, under its assignment, resolve on its diocese doveyorennye persons... Arhierejskie services Nestor in a cathedral spends seldom, on periphery does not leave almost for execution of services so, for example, for "Trinity" served in settlement Lelekovka of the Kirovograd area, and in other villages after this service did not act, however conducts akyotivnuju work on strengthening church in the field of... " 6

On memoirs of people surrounded it Vladika Nestor put on awards, poluyochennye at tsar, including their deserved, that caused irritation certain kruyogov. As could apprehend and not feel itself humiliated Vladika Nestor, reading clause " With a cross and the automatic device " T.Stepanchuka placed in "Spark" № 22, 1961 g.?

In it it has been written: "... An iron gate on street leaves varnished cheryonyj "GAS". Near to the driver, not answering greetings of parishioners, metropolitan NeYostor sits. On its cassock imperial awards dimly gleam. Seven-ten-six-years metropolitan Nestor loves fast driving. A little nerasyotoropnyh pedestrians have paid for this ljuyobov heavy uvechjami.

To People of old age svojstyovenno is not present-is not present, and to address to the past. nestor recollects receptions at tsarina and stoyolypina-aaoaoaey, bloody campaigns with army Kolchaka. Anti-soviet slanderous stayoti, tesnejshee cooperation with beloemigyorantskoj the fascist organization. nestor as could, harmed to the Native land... "

Metropolitan Nestor has lived a greater and formidable life and till last days veins with belief and love to people and to the flock. " It also has kept the rare kindness, lively wit and simplicity " as people known it testify.

Vladika Nestor has died on November, 4th, 1962 from a haemorrhage in a brain in Moscow where it has arrived on operation. In day of celebrating of icon Bozhiej of Mother " All Grieving Pleasure ", on November, 6th, 1962 it has been buried to Peredelkino, in a fencing of a temple of Transformation gospodnja, at an altar under silent senju trees. The Most holy Patriarch Alex spent it to last way, having read through an allowing pray and having said goodbye.

It is necessary to follow a precept of Vladika Nestor which it to us has left: " Where destiny and soyobytija threw me, I always and everywhere remembered not only the vicarial dignity, but also about great purpose of the Russian person, in all acts and thoughts aspiring to show feelings of the intimate, sympathizing attitude inherent in our great nation to people ".

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