Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 27
English Translation by Igor Radev

The Church at Zhalainor Station

There are presently two churches at Zhalainor Station, one of which stands at the station itself, where a parish was established in 1923. The church has been built with the donations of the parishioners themselves. During the conflict of recent memory, the church had been damaged and only in 1930, due to the help provided by some good people, the church was put in order again. The church itself is rather poor and it is in need of financial support. The parishioners number around 45 families. The staff adjoined to the church is still incomplete, and a parish clerk is needed, who should be single, upright and familiar with Church singing.

The second church is situated near the mines of Zhalainor. The parish there was established as early as 1917. Initially, a makeshift church functioned within the military barracks, and in 1924, a normal church building has been constructed. The church was consecrated in honor of Archangel Michael.

The rector of the church is Fr. Pavel Elizen.