Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 26
English Translation by Igor Radev

The Church at Shitouhezi Station

In 1922, along the whole eastern leg of the Chinese Eastern Railway many Russians have settled. Shitouhezi Station at that time was a sparsely populated settlement that gradually increased the number of its inhabitants with the coming of these refugees.

Naturally, among the Russian folk soon developed a desire to build a church. The old Railway administration and the local inhabitants acted eagerly on that idea and on August 4, 1924, the church in honor of the Life-giving Trinity was consecrated.

It is a rather small church, which is unique among all the others situated along the Railway line in that it gives a remarkable impression with its interior woodcarving craftsmanship.

In 1925, when the Railway schools came under Soviet authority, an idea had sprung to organize a separate educational establishment, where children could acquire religious instruction and education in national spirit. This proposal met with the fervent support of the settlement's inhabitants, and finally, at the beginning of 1926, a high school together with an elementary school was opened. Due to the lack of finances, the school was at first nestled in a simple leased object, and as a result the issue of building separate facilities was soon raised. The parish council, which also planned to construct a parish hall, together with the parent committee started to raise funds for the school building.

The community readily responded to this good cause, all the more so since the school facilities beside their primary role could also serve to fulfill the cultural needs of the public.

During the summer of 1928, the construction of both these buildings commenced on the Church plot, and in autumn the same year, the school was opened with a festive inauguration. The energy and people's effort has made their mark leaving behind a church, school and a place for appropriate leisurely pursuits.

The rector of the church and the parish is the young and energetic priest, Fr. Georgy Silinsky, while V. Filonenkov serves as the head of the parish council.