Русский | "Orthodox Churches in Northern Manchuria" Harbin, 1931, pg. 13
English Translation by Igor Radev

St. Alexius Church at the Green Bazaar

St. Alexius Church at
the Green Bazaar

St Alexius Church was founded in 1909 by Archpriest V. Pronicky that was based at the Commercial School of the Railway Company. The director N. V. Borozov also took an active part.

The church was situated in the hall of the Women's Wing. In 1910, the commercial councilor I. F. Chistyakov made an offering of artistic copies of Vasnecov from the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1913, he also donated a set of bells. This church served the needs of the Commercial School.

Archpriest I.
Petalin, rector

In 1925, the church was transferred to the Commerce Facilities of Kosatkin at the Green Bazaar. Nowadays, besides the parish church, there is also a free of charge school for poor children, where 106 pupils are being taught. The main parish priest, who runs the school, is Archpriest I. Petalin. Another priest is Fr. T. Ilinsky, an archpriest, and a deacon is N. Vinogradov. The church supports the women's Association of Sts Maria and Martha, as well as three men's associations.