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Bishop Innocenty (Figurovsky).

Beginning of a New Period in a History of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Beijing

Orthodoxy in China totals more than three-century history. Russian missionaries have brought the huge contribution to distribution of christianity to the Median state, they were trailblazers domestic and world kitaevedenija, promoted development of the Russian-Chinese attitudes. But among many known and outstanding members of Spiritual Mission and figures of Russian Orthodox church in China, undoubtedly, the person of metropolitan Beijing and Chinese Innokentija (Figurovskogo) is allocated. Owing to a feat of the son of the rural priest from a deaf Siberian small village it was possible to realize Peter's I dream and need of Russian society, to execute mission Svt. Innokentija Irkutsk - to inform Orthodoxy to people of China and to put in pawn bases of the Chinese Orthodox church.

Ivan Apollonovich Figurovsky was born on February, 22nd, 1863 in family of priest Kiriko-Iulitinskoj of church of village Panovskogo of Apollo Iosifovicha Figurovskogo and the wife of its Matron Gavrilovny. On February, 24th it was kreshchen and is named by a name in honour of John Krestitelja 1. God at Ivan Figurovskogo became the Yenisei petty bourgeois Stepan Andreevich Kochnev and krestjanka villages Kovriginoj of volost Elovskoj Eudoxia Nikolaevna Zubkova. The ancient Siberian village Panovskoe is located on right I protect Angara, in 46 versts from Kezhemskogo volost board. At that time it was the center of the arrival opened still in 1787 In family of priest Apollo Kiriko-Iulitinskoj of church there were some children. All without exception Figurovskie were outstanding personalities and  have brought the feasible contribution to development of Orthodox church. So in history of the Yenisei diocese there were names of senior brother Ivan Figurovskogo, Vasily Apollonovicha and nephews, Alexander Vasilevicha and Ivan Vasilevicha. The candidate of divinity Ivan Vasilevich Figurovsky was active participant Pomestnogo of the Cathedral of Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow per 1917-1918 

By time of a birth of Ivan Figurovskogo its parents were not so young, to the mother 40 years were executed. In 1879 when Ivan Apollonovich studied in the Tomsk theological seminary, Matron Gavrilovna ovdovela. Later the mother the Matron postriglas in a nunhood also has got over to the son to Beijing where it, all esteemed inokinja Manefa, has died in 1911 Younger brother Ivan Apollonovicha - Paul Apollonovich Figurovsky in 1883 has ended Krasnoyarsk spiritual school. It consisted as the novice at Arhierejskom the house and in 1885 has been appointed to a place psalomshchika the Krasnoyarsk cathedral. In the further Paul Apollonovich Figurovsky has cast in the lot with China, served in Port Arthur, in Harbin, in Beijing and Shanghai.

Ivan Figurovsky has received the Elementary education in Krasnoyarsk spiritual school. In 1878, after the termination   of school, it has acted in the Tomsk theological seminary. In 1882, at transition in 5-th class, Ivan Apollonovich has left under the application the Tomsk theological seminary and has returned to the Yenisei province. In 1883 I.A.Figurovsky has been certain on a post psalomshchika to Balahtinskoj Vvedenskoj churches Achinskogo of district. In documents of church for the first time its signature appears on " the Search marriage " from April, 24th, 1883 Soon, on November, 11th, 1883 Ivan Apollonovich married the senior daughter of prior Vvedenskoj of church P.A. Simonov, 18-years Anna Petrovne 2. Father-in-law Ivan Apollonovicha was among the most dear and authoritative clerics of the Yenisei diocese, many years it were decent in the district. But in some years P.A.Simonov was ill and has soon died, bishop Yenisei read the burial service over it in a cathedral.

In 1884 Ivan Apollonovich Figurovsky has been imposed in priests in Derbinskoj Sacred Prophet Ilii of church and has headed the small arrival located in mountains on coast of Yenisei not far from Krasnoyarsk. In February, 1885 it has been moved from  Derbinskogo in  verhne-eo?aaa?neee pokrovsky arrival. Ivan Apollonovich, voleju sudeb and the church heads, has got on the edge of Russian ground, further the village Verhne-Kuzhebarskogo up to the border with China was not Russian settlements. verhne-eo?aaa?neo? pokrovskuju the church was constructed in 1854 by immigrants of the Oryol province, Russian immigrants and made all population of arrival. Ivan Apollonovich has appeared on border with China, but during this period about missionary work among the population of the next empire of speech did not go yet. In " the Report of Krasnoyarsk Eparchial Committee of the Orthodox Missionary Society for 1901 " it was marked:  "... The Chinese citizens - pagans Sojoty sometimes come; but mission of the Christian sermon in relation to them has no fruits " 3. In the extreme south of the Yenisei province Ivan Apollonovich Figurovsky worked not long, in the beginning 1886 " the Yenisei eparchial sheets " have informed, that on December, 19th, 1885 " the Priest of village Kuzhebarskogo, district Minusinskogo, John Figurovsky... It is deducted from a post under the application " 4.

With 1886 begins a new stage of a life of Ivan Apollonovicha, it has left Siberia and has left to study for capital. In May, 1886 priest I.A.Figurovsky has been accepted in number of pupils of 4-th class in a theological seminary in Petersburg which has ended in 1888 Then, in 1888 - 1892, Ivan Figurovsky  was the student of the Petersburg spiritual academy, during this period, in 1890 it was postrizhen in monks and has accepted name Innokenty. In 1892 ieromonah Innokenty has received a degree of the candidate of divinity and has been appointed to a post of the inspector of the Aeaenaia?i-Neva spiritual school. In 1894 it has been imposed in a dignity of archimandrite and became the rector of a theological seminary in Petersburg. Soon Innokenty  became the prior of a second-class monastery and in 1895 has been appointed in missionary pokrovsky a monastery in Moscow.

On September, 28th, 1896 " Under the decree of Its Imperial Majesty, the Most holy Pravitelstvujushchy the Synod had judgement " " to dismiss archimandrite Amfilohija, under the application from a post of the Chief of the Beijing Spiritual Mission, to appoint to its place, in this post, the prior Moscow pokrovskogo a missionary monastery of archimandrite Innokentija " 5. Before the new chapter of Spiritual Mission in Beijing were not put what or special problems. Archimandrite Innokenty should as well as to pass all its predecessors through Siberia and Mongolia, to replace the chief of 17-th Mission Amfilohija Lutovina and to take under the trusteeship not numerous orthodox Chinese community, some hundreds person. In October, 1896 the Synod even has had time to make a decision on delivery 2009 rbl. 72 copeck on travel from Moscow up to Kyakhta and 300 rbl. on travel from Kyakhta up to Beijing. However about. Innokenty has gone to China another by, that Christian missionaries since the early Middle Ages followed to the Far East.

Before departure to China about. Innokenty has visited 16-th Missions was the chapter vl. Flaviana. According to the iaa?-public prosecutor of the Synod archimandrite Innokenty  on road to China has visited the Western Europe, has got acquainted with work of several missionary establishments in London, in Oxford has visited a unique Protestant missionary monastery. In Paris it has familiarized with work of the missionary seminary prepared experts for work in the Far East, in Rome has examined a monastery trapistov (molchalnikov). On Athos about. Innokenty  hoped to find the devotees, ready to go to the Far East with Orthodox mission, but among local monks was not wishing to go to  China. Last stop of the Chief of Mission on a way  to a new place of service became visiting the Sacred Earth in Palestin. In the spring 1897 archimandrite Innokenty has arrived to China, on road  it has visited Shanghai and on March, 1st, 1897 has arrived to Tianjin, whence has proceeded to Beijing.

In the end of XIX century the Russian Spiritual Mission in Beijing had not the best times. On the staff approved  in 1876,  in structure of Mission there was an archimandrite, 3 ieromonaha, the priest, katehizator and 3 pupils of the Chinese language. 16-th spiritual Mission  (1878-1884) was headed by archimandrite Flavian (Gorodetsky). " During the short period nachalstvovanija this hierarch activity of our missionaries had character mainly o?aii-publishing " 6. Mission was not simply small, but during some periods in Beijing there was from missionaries only one archimandrite Flavian. Greater achievement of Mission was the beginning of orthodox divine service in Beijing in the Chinese language. In 1882 the first Chinese, Mitrofan TSzi, has been imposed by prelate Nikolay Japonskim in priests. In the chapter of 17-th Mission (1884-1896) there was archimandrite Amfilohy (Lutovin). During this period activity of Mission is reduced up to a minimum, the number of its members was from time to time reduced up to 2 person. From achievements of this period it is necessary to note expansion of geography of activity of Mission, opening of new churches and arrivals.

The Condition of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Beijing by the end of XIX century was those, that it could not to the full even serve spiritual need of not numerous Russian population for China. The consul in Fuzhou N.A. Priests complained to the envoy in 1895, that for the past of 13 years Spiritual Mission only sent the member, ieromonaha Amfilohija to this port twice 7. There was no constant priest even in Tianjin.

Hardly solved problems with maintenance with clerics  of already constructed churches. In consular church in Urge the constant staff has been appointed only in 1892 from clergy of the Transbaikalian diocese, in conducting the Beijing Spiritual Mission this church has been transferred even later. In the orthodox church constructed in 1885 in Hankow the constant priest has been appointed also only in 1892, however in consequence of scandal it has soon left arrival, and on its place with transfer in structure of Spiritual Mission there has arrived priest N.P.Shastin from Urgi, in the future become by an outstanding missionary. In 1894 the orthodox temple contained up to 80 person and had wing for the priest and the watchman, has been constructed in Kalgan. The church has been transferred in conducting Orthodox Russian Mission in Beijing, but and has not received the priest, before destruction per 1900 there sometimes came ieromonah from Beijing. In other regions of China where there was a Russian population, orthodox churches and priests were not, even in Sintszjane. In 1899 the reference to chairman of the Missionary society Moscow with the request for assignment for construction of church in Kuldzhe and sending there ieromonaha remains to metropolitan without satisfaction 8.

Up to the end of XIX century the Russian Spiritual Mission was not engaged in active missionary activity in China. Missionaries did not trust in an opportunity of a wide circulation of Orthodoxy and christianity in general in the Chinese society. The remark of the Chief of group of courts testifies to it in Pacific ocean A.B.Aslanbegova: " my question when China will become the Christian state O.Flavian has answered: " Never ". I on it cannot agree... " 9. Absence at Spiritual Mission in Beijing opportunities, means and desire actively to be engaged missionary activity in China has led to that to the end of XIX century in huge territory of the Central and East Asia, among the various people stood at different steps of social development, was not conducted what orthodox missionary work. In China was less than 500 orthodox Chineses, the most part from which adhered to christianity not owing to works of missionaries, and by virtue of traditions or official duties. Thus, Innokenty to Beijing could take advantage of the huge store of knowledge which has been saved up by missionaries in studying of China, but Mission had no rich traditions of the missionary work, only the first experience of service in the Chinese language and works of the Chinese priest and katehizatorov.

From first days of the service in Beijing archimandrite Innokenty was accepted to business. On March, 22nd, 1897 Innokenty has accepted the capitals of the Beijing Mission stored the Beijing office Hong Kong-Shanghai of bank - 14 674 lan, documents on the grounds and property of Mission. 10. First of all it by means of a merchant and the devotee of Russian business in China A.D.Startseva, has opened a printing house and a binding workshop. Innokenty Figurovsky understood, that without a printed word the active sermon is not possible, and serious work demands knowledge of the Chinese culture and generalization of all experience of the Russian and foreign missionaries and scientists. The chapter of Mission at once has started studying the Chinese language and has organized work on drawing up of dictionaries and I shall translate into the Chinese language of the divine service literature. Later " Chinese Blagovestnik " marked: " the Chief of Mission happening behind services as daily on morning and evening, having studied the Chinese language, has nowadays finished the edition of the monumental full ?onnei-Chinese dictionary " 11.

Soon heavy test was necessary to the new Chief of Mission: archimandrite Innokenty seriously was ill. More than two months it has lead in hospital and to sanatoria in territory of Japan, whence has returned only in October, 1897 Test has given Innokentiju new forces and it with even greater energy has borrowed in missionary work. Per 1898 to Beijing there have arrived adherents and the future reliable assistants to the Chief of Mission, ieromonah Avraamy (CHasovnikov) and diakon Century Skrizhalin. It is Enough to tell, that Avraamy, become on long years " the right hand " Innokentija, was the graduate of the Imperial Academy of arts and the Petersburg Archeologic institute and before arrival to Beijing has ended in Kazan Missionary rates on the Mongolian branch.

In 1898 archimandrite Innokenty has bought some sites of the ground under the future missionary establishments. On seacoast about the city of Junpinfu Mission has bought two desjatiny the grounds, on donations of merchant Batueva. Vl. Innokenty has arranged a monastery nearby Bejtajhe (Pejtajho), in place TSzinshantszui. Within summer-dawn 1898 the church, stavshae for many years by the center of missionary work in northern part of capital province CHzhili there has been constructed. In the summer 1898 Mission has got in eternal rent a site of the ground near country European settlement Kulin in a province of Jiangxi, about Hankow. For the lack of forces, this purchase was used only in the material purposes, the ground leased sites under a condition eksterritorialnosti, consul A.S.Vahovich disposed of the real estate.

The First years of service about. Innokentija (Figurovskogo) in Beijing have fallen to the heaviest for christianity in China time. Still on the eve, during war of China with Japan, there was a threat for Russian in capital area Tsinskoj of empire. In November, 1894 has been brought a attention to the question on possible departure of the envoy from Beijing, A.P.Kassini has addressed to S.P.Tyrtovu with the request to prepare for a landing from 25 - 30 sailors for protection of the Russian diplomatic mission in Beijing 12. During war in Kalgan hearings that vinovnitsej wars Russia is began to extend, about Russian houses crowds began to gather and to threaten Russian with punishment. AntiRussian excitements in Kalgan have stopped only after the imperial decree sent from Beijing, speaking that Russian help China, and declaring about punishment of those who distributes false hearings. In 1895 the adviser of Minister for Foreign Affairs V.N.Lamzdorf has noted in the diary: " the Telegram from column Kassini, our envoy in China, datirovannaja... On February, 3rd (15), draws position in the most gloomy paints. In the near future it is possible to expect overthrow of a dynasty, the general disorder of empire and beating of foreigners " 13.

In 1897, when about. Innokenty has arrived to Beijing, intensity slept and there was a good situation for development of the ?onnei-Chinese attitudes. The allied contract and a package of bilaterial agreements have caused interaction of two people and cultures. To China went to work experts, interest of Chineses to Russian culture has considerably quickened, Russian engineers and technics have appeared in Manchuria and Sintszjane, military instructors in CHzhili, the Chinese students for the first time have arrived to Petersburg. Peak of rise of the ?onnei-Chinese rapproachement became magnificent reception in Beijing Russian delegation led by E.E.Ukhtomsky in May, 1897

The Favorable period proceeded not long. To the beginning 1898 bilaterial attitudes have worsened because of Port Arthur, and infinite concessions of China to the western powers have caused  growth  of antiforeign moods. In 1898 in a management of empire Tsinskoj has burst crisis, various groupings have tried to put into practice  the  recipes  of disposal of the country from " overseas devils ". The initiative in management of China for some time has passed to the young emperor Guansjuja  who has sided  with reformers and  tried  to be released from trusteeship of old empress Tsysi. The grouping of reformers adhered to antiRussian moods, carry of capital of China to area of Shanghai was planned even. In September, 1898  both palace groupings have opposed foreign  intervention,  but under a pretext of protection of the country from Europeans have begun escalation of military opposition,  than  and  have accelerated an outcome. Empress Tsysi has returned to itself all completeness of authority and has supported conservatives, but it, contrary to expectations, has led to growth of antiRussian moods in a management of China that has proved to be true the begun personnel rearrangements in province CHzhili.

Russia  did not interfere with struggle in a management of China. The Russian Charge d'Affaires in Beijing A.P.Paul for the first time has informed  in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on reforms Guansjuja only in the end of summer,  in 3 months after their beginning. But in the Chinese society the events  occured at  the Court yard  have been apprehended as intrigues of foreigners. In September, 1898,  next day after execution of six active supporters of reforms, in Beijing there were the antiforeign performances supported  by armies  of general Donne Fusjana.  Powers have answered  it with sending of the military ships on spot-check of fortress Dagu, in the end of September, 1898  on coast the European landings, including Russian of group, by number about hundred person, English and German have been landed.  Number of Russian shchtrjada made  nearby 100 person. On October, 1st Russian seamen and cossacks under command of lieutenant A.N.Neyelov and sotnika V.G.Ratkevicha have held posts in Beijing.  Has left the Chinese capital Russian landing only on March, 22nd, 1899, After have been disengaged armies Donne Fusjana and antiRussian provocations have stopped.

The Time calm in Beijing did not mean stabilization of a situation in China. At this time in the next province Shandong antiChristian movement ihetuanej (boxers) has begun, and in Manchuria antiRussian performances were developed. In the spring 1900 movement ihetuanej has extended in capital province CHzhili and pereraslo in mass revolt against Christians and foreigners. In Beijing there was a set of the leaflets which have declared: " Nowadays the sky having become angry with Jesus's doctrine that it offends spirits, destroys sacred (konfutsianskoe) the doctrine and does not esteem the Buddhism, has cleaned a rain and has sent 8 000 000 heavenly soldiers for destruction of foreigners " 14. All efforts of foreign powers to force authorities of China to accept effectual measures against risen and independently to stop development of revolt have not led to success. In May revolt has captured all capital province, on May, 23rd ihetuani began to enter into Beijing and to be united in active armed forces, the father of the successor tsinskogo a throne has called people for destruction of foreigners, and on June, 4th, 1900 foreign armies have developed operations against armed forces of empire Tsinskoj.

Archimandrite Innokenty up to the last, despite of danger to a life, supported the Chinese flock. In the spring 1900 it has visited remote missionary stan in Bejtajhe. In the end of May when already there were victims not only among the Chinese Christians, but the European missionaries, Innokenty left in the village Dundinan located in 50 versts from Beijing. O.Arhimandrit has visited families of peasants, has lead service in local church, it could not rescue the orthodox flock from punishment of religious fanatics, but has made all from it depending to support their spirit during  tragical time for Christians. Up to the last Innokenty refused to leave Spiritual Mission and to pass under protection of Russian group to territory of embassy. Doctor V.V.Korsakov recollected: "... In the morning on 26-th of May the Russian envoy in Beijing M.N.Girs has personally gone to archimandrite about. Innokentiju also convinced it to leave Mission... After long belief about. Archimandrite has agreed... " 15. Archimandrite Innokenty, having received guarantees of the Chinese authorities of safety of Spiritual Mission, having taken with itself only valuable church utensils and image Svt. Nikolay, together with ieromonahom Avraamiem and diakonom V.P.Skrizhalinym has moved to the Russian diplomatic mission.

The Summer 1900 became the hardest test for Vl. Innokentija, on its eyes everything was destroyed, that has been created by its works and its predecessors. The farmstead of the Russian Spiritual Mission with library, an almshouse and schools has been destroyed in the evening on May, 31st, under the certificate of eyewitnesses the Chinese soldiers left by authorities for protection of the Russian property have taken part in its plunder. Russian cemetery has soon been burnt, monuments are destroyed, tombs are dug also bones pochivshih thrown out from tombs. In 1900 churches in Dongdingan, Beidahe and Kalgan have been completely destroyed. Risen in May - July, 1900 have tortured to death of 222 orthodox Chineses among which there was also first Chinese priest Mitrofan Tszi.

Archimandrite Innokenty together with other members of Spiritual Mission, ieromonahami Nikolay Shastinym and Avraamiem CHasovnikovym, deacon V.P.Skrizhalinym, etc., and also Chineses Christians has gone through bi-monthly osadu diplomatic quarter. Ambassadorial quarter was defended with the incorporated forces of foreigners number nearby 450 person, they protected from punishment more than thousand civilians of foreigners and more than three thousand Chinese Christians. The Most part of civilians including Russian it was covered in English embassy, but archimandrite Innokenty has remained with Russian group. The Russian embassy in the summer 1900 defended group in structure of 74 seamen, 7 cossacks of an ambassadorial escort  and about 10 volunteers. Within June besieged conducted heavy fights, there was a moment when Russian embassy even has been left, then is again returned, defenders sustained losses. The hospital for wounded men has been arranged in English embassy, but first aid during fight in territory of Russian Mission appeared Archimandrite Innokentiem. Owing to its skill and courage the most part of wounded men has been rescueed and has returned in build. Not for defenders of mission spiritual support had smaller value also, about that psychological loading for the people who have appeared in a situation was however heavy speak many facts. So during osady ambassadorial quarter has lost mind the Norwegian missionary, has run out to Chineses and the employee of the ?onnei-Chinese bank was missing. In total in time osady in Russian group was lost 5 person, two has died and up to 19 person it has been wounded.

On August, 1st, 1900 Russian armies under command of general N.P.Linevicha together with allies storm have taken Beijing. As TSinsky the court yard has left the Chinese capital the management of Russia has made a decision temporarily to translate diplomatic mission in Tianjin and to disengage armies. To the middle of October from Russian armies in Beijing has remained only a mouth strelkov and 10 cossacks. The Russian authorities did not consider possible to allow to remain to orthodox missionaries in the Chinese capital, the Russian Spiritual Mission under the order of the envoy in September has left to Tianjin. Together with about. Innokentiem Beijing without means of subsistence was left by 70 orthodox Chineses. However tests have not broken vl. Innokentija. Despite of losses and moods in a management of Russia it has not refused the Mission. In Tianjin in the autumn 1900 missionaries have bought a court yard in the Chinese city, 16 rooms and a site of the ground on which have erected constructions. Soon there the school for the Chinese children has been opened.

 Influential forces in a management of Russia did not wish to risk the material and political interests in China because of Orthodox Mission. From Petersburg the order has come to leave China to Port Arthur or to Siberia. However archimandrite Innokenty has not executed this order, orthodox missionaries have not left the flock in Beijing and Tianjin. The Chief of Spiritual Mission for continuation of missionary activity has decided to move on the south of China. In October, 1900 archimandrite Innokenty with two Chinese orphans has gone to Shanghai where has got a site of the ground and the house. In March, 1901 the set of Chineses in orthodox school in Shanghai has begun. So, in difficult for christianity and orthodox missionary work in China time archimandrite Innokenty has put in pawn the new center of Orthodox church in China. It recognize and modern Chinese historians confirm 16.

At this time the destiny of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Beijing was solved in Petersburg. Archimandrite Innokenty in July, 1901 has been caused to Russia for the decision of a question on the full termination of Orthodox missionary activity in China. Before to leave China the Chief of Mission has returned in CHzhili, the school in Shanghai has been left on care diakona Sergija the Tub. In Beijing about. Innokenty has bought around of Northern farmstead for Mission 36 fanz and the princely house. Mission in Beijing has been left on care ieromonaha Avraamija, vl. Innokenty was in time before departure has gone in Bejtajhe where its diligence restoration of the destroyed temple has begun.

In Petersburg Innokentiju it was necessary to do greater work, however it managed to break moods of authorities. From a question of closing of Mission again have returned to an old problem - obhodimosti opening in China episcopal faculty. Before the question on creation of episcopal faculty in Beijing twice rose, in the beginning of XVIII century and in 1861 In 1721 on a place of bishop in Beijing  has been appointed vl. Innokenty (Kulchitssky), named and imposed in bishop Pereslavskogo. But the first bishop and did not manage to reach Beijing, faculty in China to open it was not possible. In 1863 the decision on opening faculty again was accepted, but there were no means, and probably there was no the person, capable to realize this decision. In January, 1902 in Petersburg again have started consideration of the offer " to charge management of church affairs in Manchuria and in general in China to the Chief of our Spiritual Mission in Beijing with its erection in a dignity of Bishop " 17.

On April, 6th, 1902 the imperial decree the Chief of Spiritual Mission in Beijing received a dignity of bishop with assignment of the name "Pereslavsky", according to the name of the first bishop appointed to China in 1721 the Annual maintenance of Mission has been increased by one thousand with small roubles and certain in 16 800 rbl. on June, 3rd, 1902 in Aeaenaia?i-Neva laurels about. Innokenty (Figurovsky) has been erected in a dignity of bishop Pereslavskogo. To the beginning of July, 1902 vl. Innokentiju it was possible to generate final structure of Mission in quantity 34 person among which was four with the academic formation, and also 10 novices, masterovye and so forth Together with bishop Innokentiem to China have gone ieromonahi Simon, the Neophyte and Pimen, diakon Nile Milyutin, ierodiakon Simon, psalomshchik Illarion Turkevich and others.

On July, 8th, 1902 members of Mission, have left Petersburg on the east by rail in two specially given for them, cars. Soon newspapers native for Innokentija have informed the Yenisei province: " Travel from Petersburg to Beijing 21 with. July in Krasnoyarsk the Chief of the Beijing Spiritual Mission preosvjashchennyj Innokenty " stopped 18. By rail Mission has reached to Port Arthur and on August, 13th has arrived to Beijing. Bishop Innokenty together with the colleagues has lodged near to ruins of a farmstead of the Russian Spiritual Mission in Beijing.


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