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5.4. History of family of Anna Romanovoj (Lo TSin 罗琴)

The author of the given degree work met Anna Romanovoj only once in the summer of 2004 at her place.

Anna Romanov lives now in the city of Tianjin, to it about 76 years (approximately 1928 of a birth).

Its grandfather, Ivan Romanov, has been killed during revolt Ihetuanej. It has told: " I albazinets, kill me ". That it could rescue lives of other people.

After its death, father Anna and its brother have moved to Tianjin and worked at foreign factory of furs. In the further the father and other relatives worked on Russian cemetery which was on a place of a factory on manufacture of sand and a stone earlier and has been destroyed during a cultural revolution.

Anna had senior brothers - Michael and Konstantin, younger brother Nikolay and the younger sister - Love.

To Anna was about 7-8 years when its father has died. After that Ivan, the younger brother of its father, visors of children to Shanghai. Then it has given Anna and its younger brother Nikolay to a shelter - Andreevskuju school where it studied till 12 years. There it was christened by one of priests.

Lord Ioan has taken away its brother Nikolay to America. Speak, that, leaving from Shanghai, it has taken away with itself(himself) and other children from a shelter. Then the brother has been adopted by the American parents. It took part in the second world war. Has died in 1953.

After to Anna 12 years, the brother of its father Ivan of its visors to Beijing were executed. Then its other uncle has called them to Tianjin where it worked in a temple.

One of brothers of its father, Vasily (Lo Bomin), also was the priest in Beijing. During a cultural revolution hunvejbiny have thrown out all icons and photos, searched the house. Still them pytali. Then it has left for Harbin, to Shenyang, but all people have come back home, there were no parishioners, and it could not work at church.

At Anna Romanovoj three daughters, and two sons. Children not kreshcheny, as its husband the atheist.