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5.1. Attitudes of the Russian embassy with Albazinian

Albazinian - citizens of China, but they are descendants of Russian. Therefore it was interesting to author of the given degree work to learn, whether the Russian embassy maintains relations with them.

Conversation on attitudes of the Russian embassy with Albazinian took place in the summer of 2004 with Dmitry Napara:

On a question as these attitudes it are under construction has answered so:

" It is Literally within several last months these attitudes have begun. Should arrive lord Gabriel from Blagoveshchensk accompanied by a wonder-working icon albazinskoj Bozhej mothers " the Word a flesh byst " and actions to which have invited Albazinian have been planned. But the lord was ill and has not arrived. Therefore the embassy has invited Albazinian at date of the Victory. They were very happy, that them for the first time for many years have invited. Before them invited, when there came lord Cyril metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad, the chief of a department of intercultural communications, served lithium at a cross in embassy. There was much Albazinian, more than hundred person ".