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4.3. The Japanese occupation

In July, 1937 Japan the beginnings large-scale military actions in China. The antiJapanese war of Chinese people has begun. On July, 28th, 1937 the Japanese armies had been took Beijing, 29 - Tianjin. Occupation of China has begun. Japanese wished to subordinate to themselves the chief of Mission and clerics of Mission, and also Harbin dioceses, to take hold of church property.

Occupational authorities of Japan had been destroyed a temple-monument in Tianjin, in CHzhalajnore, Paul has been killed ieromonah, to death the prior of a temple in Kalgan - father Alexander Zhuch is stirred up, priest Feodor Bogolyubov is killed. Japanese have grasped a part of church property - in Tianjin the school, hospital, the house of mercy and library [13.] Have been selected

During conversation with Du Si (Dubinins Simonom) in June, 2004 to it has been asked a question, whether have suffered albazintsy during the Japanese occupation, and here that it was possible to find out: in Tianjin Japanese have planted in prison of younger brothers of priest Du Likunja (Ivan Dubinin) - Peter and Alexander and as senior brother Nikolay as considered, that they keep in touch with Russian bolsheviks. Japanese rigidly supervised the chief of the Russian Spiritual Mission Victor Svjatina and did not allow to communicate to it with albazintsami. Through any time, albazintsev the prison all the same have released from.