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4.2. Albazinian in Tianjin. Church Tub Fu.

Under certificate Du Si (Simona Dubinin) the first albazintsy have appeared in Tianjin in 191* year. It was (Ivan Du's) which has arrived to Tianjin family Du Likunja where it became the priest in an orthodox temple.

In 1930 the Chinese archpriest Tub Sitszi, differently Tub Fu (its father was the cleric in the Peking Orthodox church, occured it come from religious family) has based the Chinese orthodox temple first in China which has been named Piously-eiiieaioeaaneei in Tianjin. As archpriest Tub Fu was the Chinese, in divine service the Chinese language was used. Simultaneously from Chineses the main temple administrative advice was generated. To this temple for acceptance of participation in a church life came not only believing Chineses, but also Russian. This situation was kept till 1949 [23, 204].

Foreign Arhierejsky the Synod has appointed the Chief of the twentieth Mission bishop Victor (Svjatina). Having headed in July 1934aiaa the Russian Spiritual Mission in China, lord Victor, as well as its predecessor, archbishop Simon, has collided with aversion from the Chinese clergy [13.]

In 1933 archpriest Tub Fu via metropolitan of Japanese orthodox church Sergija (the subject USSR) has established communication with Orthodox Church in Soviet Union and has recognized the Moscow Patriarchy. This act has caused sharp contradictions between tjantszinskim archimandrite Victor and the priest the Tub. As it has been told above, the Central management of the Peking Orthodox Church since 1917 did not recognize the Moscow Patriarchy as was under jurisdiction of Foreign Orthodox Church. The chapter of orthodox church in Tianjin father Victor and beloemigranty also carried itself to Foreign Church. Between parishioners there were the disagreements, the Chinese orthodox church founded by Tub Fu was named " red party church ", and its opponents even incited beloemigrantov during carrying out Tub Fu of Sunday divine service to throw in windows of a temple stones, to arrange disorders. At this time archimandrite Victor has been erected in a dignity of bishop, and the priest Tub Fu has not recognized it. Movement Tub Fu has been supported by the Chinese church and a part of Russian church. Thus, led by Tub Fu the Chinese Orthodox Church for the first time has turned to the independent church organization for the Chinese believers. Tjantszinsky Piously-eiiieaioeaaneee the temple always concerned to the Chinese Orthodox Church, priests served in this temple were Chineses - after Tub Fu were Chew Sjanchzhan, Du ZHunchen, Du Likun and other [2204-205.]

On my question to what from tjantszinskih temples went albazintsy, Du Si (Dubinin Simon) has answered, that they went to a temple Tub Fu as there the service was conducted on Chinese, but personal conflicts between them and Victor Svjatinym were not.