The Missionary review of the world. Feb. 1913, pp 143-144
[Note: Pinyin used in this Internet edition. Excerpt from a Protestant journal]

The Russian Orthodox Church in China

RUSSIAN papers are directing attention to the fact that the Mission of the Russian Orthodox Church in China will celebrate its two hundreth anniversary next year. The center of the work is Beijing, but none of the Russian papers which have come under our observation, seem to consider the work especially prosperous. The Nowaja Schisn, which is published in Harbin, states that the total number of Chinese members of the Russian Orthodox Church, after 200 years of missionary effort, is only about 3,000, of whom the majority lives in Beijing. There are three cloisters, two in Beijing itself and one at Mount Xishan, not far from that city. The monastery in Beijing contains twelve Russian and eight Chinese monks, the nunnery in Beijing contains six Russian nuns and some sisters, one of whom is Chinese, while the monastery at Mount Xishan, founded only a short time ago, contains a very small staff of spiritual laborers. A school and a theological seminary are connected with the monastery in Beijing, the seminary containing only fifteen students. The expenses of the whole work are said to be $15,400 annually.