Русский | | July 15, 2014
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

The Russian Cultural Heritage Center may appear in Orthodox shrine building in Shanghai

In May, the Chinese side provided at no charge the church building for the photo exhibition "Russian in Shanghai. 1930s."

SHANGHAI. Acting Governor Georgy Poltavchenko of St. Petersburg proposed to establish in Shanghai the Center for Russian Cultural Heritage. This was announced by the press service of the governor after a meeting with Wang Zuo'an, the director of China's State Administration for Religious Affairs.

According to Poltavchenko in Shanghai, which is associated with twinning with Petersburg, is an Orthodox church, where for many years served a great saint of the Russian diaspora - St John of Shanghai. In May, the Chinese side provided the church building at no charge for the photo exhibition "Russian in Shanghai. 1930s.".

According to the press service, Poltavchenko thanked Chinese experts for the preservation of the Orthodox shrine and offered to organize a Russian Cultural Heritage Center in the church. Its opening can be timed with the 25th anniversary of twinning of Shanghai and St. Petersburg.

"The opening of the center would benefit by spreading knowledge of Russian culture in Chinese society, attracting the attention of our countrymen. Use of the building for this purpose will encourage a permanent exhibition in it, as well as to restore its historic appearance" — from the RIA "Novosti", the words of acting governor.

Wang Zuo'an, for his part, noted that the development of relations in the spiritual realm was created and Russian - Chinese groups started their work. As part of the third meeting, to be held on July 15 in Moscow, the proposed establishment of the Russian Cultural Heritage Center will be considered. In addition, there will be discussions about the preparation of priests for a resurgent Orthodox Church in China.