Русский | December 4, 2010, Port Arthur (Lüshun), China
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

The image of the Port Arthur Mother of God was put in the cemetery chapel in the town of Port Arthur

On the feast of the Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple at St. Vladimir's chapel at the Russian cemetery in the town of Lüshun (Port Arthur), the image of the Port Arthur Mother of God was established for veneration

Painted specifically for the Port Arthur chapel by Tsarskoye Selo iconographer Mikhail Osipenko. The copy is an accurate replica of the miraculous icon of the Port Arthur Mother of God, which is stored in Vladivostok. The original miraculous image, painted as a blessing to Russian troops during the Russian-Japanese War of 1905, has not been delivered to Port Arthur. Over time, it was lost, and was found in Jerusalem in the nineties of the 20th century, by a group of pilgrims from Vladivostok.

After installing the icon in St. Vladimir's Chapel, for the first time in 60 years has been served a moleben with sanctification of waters to the Port Arthur Icon of the Mother of God. At the end of prayer before the veneration cross, a lithia was made in the memory of the soldiers who died during the military campaigns on Laodong Peninsula and who were buried at Port Arthur Cemetery. During services in the chapel before the worship cross were praying believers who came from Dalian, Shenyang, Hangzhou and Hong Kong.

Russian Cemetery in Port Arthur is a part of the 2010 restoration of memorial complex by efforts of Russian and Chinese experts.....During the official visit to China, the Port Arthur cemetery for first time was visited by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. At present time the care of the memorial complex is undertaken by the municipal authorities of the city of Lüshun (Port Arthur).