Русский | Hong Kong, May 23, 2012
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

Beijing Mission's 300th anniversary celebrated with commemorative postage stamps in Hong Kong

A series of events in Hong Kong inaugurates the celebration of 300 years since the founding of the Russian Spiritual Mission in China. In 2012 it will be 300 years from the date of the decree by Emperor Kangxi. Emperor Kangxi, at the request of Emperor Peter the Great, determined it was to be located in Beijing. Until 1864 the Mission was a Chinese legal institution, in which the Chinese side accepted priests and lay people sent from Russia as workers. For almost half a century, the Beijing mission fulfilled — aside from religious — diplomatic functions as well. The mission members' contribution to Sinology is widely known.

As part of the planned activities, Hong Kong has issued commemorative stamps depicting the Beijing Mission's churches and bishops. On June 24, the feast day commemorating the Orthodox Martyrs of the Yihetuan (Boxer) Rebellion, prayer services to the Holy Chinese Martyrs will be held in Orthodox churches in China and Hong Kong for the confirmation of Orthodoxy in China. All Orthodox publications planned for release in China in 2012, will also feature the anniversary date.